John Terry – I owe Chelsea fans the Champions League!

The Chelsea captain John Terry is determined to win the Champions League before he retires to make up for that dreadful day when he slipped while taking the penalty that would have finally brought the trophy to Stamford Bridge.

He obviously still thinks about it very often as he says he will die an unhappy man if he doesn’t make up for that slip.

‘Until we win that trophy I’m not going to die a happy man, that’s a fact.” he said. “I realise now that going out of the competition last season made us stronger in the League.

‘But I will never give up hope of winning that trophy. I owe it to every Chelsea fan because of what happened in the final in Moscow two years ago.

‘I still hold that as a big responsibility, I let the fans, players and the club down by missing the penalty.

‘It would be nice if we did get a penalty or something like that when we should. Last season against Inter, Salomon Kalou should have had one home and away.

‘We were almost perfect in the group stages but then in the knockout phase you only need to have two bad days and you’re out.”

Well John this year we won’t have ANY bad days, and you will get your wish……

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