Jose Mourinho Is An Idiot – Claims Liverpool Legend

Jose Mourinho had a scuffle with Liverpool’s captain Steven Gerrad at the touchline in Chelsea’s 2 – 0 win over Liverpool.

Mourinho had attempted to prevent Gerrad from making a quick throw-in 10 minutes into the game. Chelsea were already been accused of time wasting so the captain wrestled with the coach for the ball and his effort was met with a huge cheer by his fans at Anfield.

Speaking with BBC, Liverpool’s legend Jimmy Case said

“He’s being an idiot. He’s got the hump with the FA, he’s got the hump with everyone and probably got the hump because he’s ill. He’s just being an idiot.”

Mourinho had to travel separately from the team as it was announced that he was ill and he didn’t want to pass it onto the team.

Initially Mourinho had warned that he would be fielding a very young team against Liverpool as they prepare for the second leg of the UEFA Champions League tie against Atletico Madrid next week.

But trust the Portuguese and his minds games. He pulled the rug by playing a largely experienced side in his attempt to halt the Reds trophy chase. Few of us gave him and The Blues a chance yet they had emerged winners. He certainly knew how to break the hearts of Liverpool fans.

Jose Mourinho’s off the field scuffles are becoming a tad too many. He should be called to order. His status is way beyond all these. Where the opposing team to indulge in time wasting activities and he lost, he would cry foul as usual.

  1. Thaddeus Adeikyo says

    Anybody that open his dirty mouth and insult the special one is a fool,

  2. frank says

    you people should please let morinho be for goodness sake. why is it that anything he does u frustrated fans will always criticize him. u guys should go n coach and see if its easy before u starts to rant ur mouth anyhow

  3. frank says

    let José be oooo

  4. observer says

    Jimmy what ever his name his. We don’t know u ok? Everyone knows jose and his a legend,winner,hero and got hell of records. Known world wide for is winning mentality. U wouldn’t be saying all this rubbish if liverpool won the match. So,u should just shut up and stop being an idiot!

  5. frank says

    the man u call an idiot is living a fulfilling life at Chelsea you guys can continue to open your wide mouth for nothing up morinho up Chelsea up blues God bless Chelsea n the fans am frank no.1 Chelsea fan in Nigeria pls destroy atlectico for me n repeat Munich miracle.

  6. frank says

    to all Chelsea players pls make yourselves proud by lifting the champions league next month God be with u

  7. legend says

    Who ever calls mourinho an idiot,that person is a bigger idiot

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