Kalou – Chelsea play better without Torres

Poor old Fernando Torres just can’t seem to find the back of the net for Chelsea. It seems like a dream that Roman Abramovich paid Liverpool £50m for the Spaniard back in January with the expectation of seeing floods of goals, but it is turning into a nightmare for Torres.

To Abramovich it must be similar to the poker players on a winning streak who woke up this week to find that his Pokerstars site shuts down, and then gets worse when he finds out that ALL poker rooms shut down at the same time! There is just no way he can withdraw his winnings or carry on riding his luck.

So Chelsea now have a £50m player that can’t score, and they find out that the team plays better when Torres is sitting on the bench. Salomon Kalou said after Chelsea had demolished West Brom with Drogba as the main striker that everyone feels more comfortable with the Ivorian leading the attack in a 4-3-3 formation. He said: “Yes, we play our best games like that,”

“Everyone knows Chelsea are stronger with that system.”

“He always gives his best for the team and has the personality to bring everyone together,”

“When he plays like that, the whole team feels secure.”

So with the game in the bag, Carlo Ancelotti replaces Drogba with Torres, and despite his team-mates giving him the ball at every opportunity, Torres just can’t muster up neccessary finish to stop the jinx.

“We all want him to score.” Kalou continued. “So even if he’s not in the right position you want to give him the ball because you feel the goal is the only thing he’s missing. That’s all everyone’s thinking about. He must not give up. You can’t lose all quality in a couple of months, but you can be a different player without confidence.”

Okay Torres is still only 26 so he has a few more years to prove he is still world class at Stamford Bridge, but it looks like Abramovich is going to have to quickly accept that he has made a mistake by bringing in Torres this year, and he will certainly not ever recoup the £50m he paid out to Liverpool!

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  1. Ndukwe anthony says

    Why is it that people have insisted in castigating Torres?i sujest him been featured,we all knew him and what he can do,i believ with time he will make chelsea proud

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