Lampard Unhappy At Being Left On The Bench

Frank Lampard has been at Chelsea since 2001 and has probably been one of the first names on the team sheet in that time, but now it appears, for now at least, he will have to make do with a place on the bench. Or will he?

According to some reports Lampard left the bench before the final whistle on Saturday, and is clearly upset at being left on the bench. He did look rather forlorn as he sat in the dugout on Saturday I must admit.

Andre Villas-Boas was asked about whether Lampard was unhappy at being omitted from the side and said, “I don’t know, but this is nothing to speculate about. The players just want the team to perform and Frank is like that. He’s a magnificent player and soon he’ll be back into the team, sooner than you expect.”

Interesting comments from AVB there. “Sooner than you expect.” I don’t know about you guys, but that says to me that Lampard will be in the staring line-up for Wednesdays Champions League game against Valencia.

What do you think? Should Lampard play on Wednesday, or should he be left on the bench? After all he hasn’t been missed has he.

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  1. Pack Muchi,Zambia says

    ‘Performance’ is the only word dat wil get Lamps back.without it let him get used siting besides AVB,period.up blues..!

  2. Muhammed says

    Pls this is 4 AVB only thank u very much it’s seems that u hv d intrest of CFC in u mind. Pls tank my advice if u want 2 continu winning ur martch let lampand in d bench when he is redy 2 worlk

  3. Lampard should sit on bench fans conplain

  4. Ajiri Okelezo says

    I must be frank, lampard is a great play, and has contributed greatly to present chelsea. To day, EPL have change, and even tough. Lampard have prove to be very week this days, and that might be as a result of age. And with his resent performance, he no longer deserved the first team 11. We need players who can burn energy in all areas of the field. John terry is coursing some blunder in the defence, he overlap and return late. JT should always stay in defence. Cole and bosigwa are not helping matters too. Luis is 1 best player, and should be use always and full time. Best XI >CECH, JT,LUIS,IVANOVIC,COLE,ANELKA,MATA,MIRELESS,RAMIRES,TORRESS,& DROGBA. with this 11, 3 point is sure.

  5. ZenChelseaFan says

    With Mata and Meireles in the mid field and getting better every game playing and passing with Torres do we really need Lampard?

  6. holla says

    avb now u r getting it right.i dont see any reason why a player will not perform and infact kill the team each time and yet he gets to play everytime and the better players are left on the bench or even removed from the annoyiong! this was what led to ancelloti”s dismisal and the likes.a good manager would always bench anybody who is not fit to play no matter their reoutation if he wants results and bone all the sentiments….this is why i love sir alex ferguson,avb dont dull…!

  7. victo says

    Lamps must mindful of a winning team but not a performing individual.

  8. makavel says

    may be bcause his english,but comeon guyz what english got to do with ur perfomance ma avb?

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