Latest Oscar Injury Update

I am moving over there
I am moving over there

Following today’s 0-0 draw at the Emirates, Oscar was sent to a local hospital on suspicion of a concussion. Oscar received a blow to the head by Arsenal keeper, David Ospina. Oscar was jumping for a pass inside the box with only the 26 year-old Columbian goalkeeper to beat, when Ospina totally ignores playing the ball and proceeded to knock Oscar down with his fists in the chest, then follows through and hits his head against Oscar’s, knocking him violently to the pitch. It should have been a penalty kick, and the sending off of David Ospina, but referee Michael Oliver applied no consequence. If Chelsea would’ve been awarded the penalty, Eden Hazard could’ve scored, and Chelsea could’ve won the game 1-0.

The details of Oscar’s injury have yet to be released. We only know of the news because Mourinho reported it to NBC during the match earlier today. Oscar’s head smashed against the grass extremely viciously, then when he tried to sit up, he looked sick, and unable to sit up. As the referee signaled for the training staff to come onto the pitch, they tried to sit Oscar up, but he kept falling around, not capable of even sitting up straight. With an collision as hard as that was, I suspect Oscar will not be available for 1-4 weeks. This comes at a poor time for Oscar, who looked to have found his missing form from pre-December, assisting the loan goal against Manchester United last weekend.

Possible replacements for Oscar would include, fellow Brazilian Ramires, Cesc Fàbregas, Juan Cuadrado, or even possibly Willian. Oscar had been recently moved out to the right wing for the past two matches, and Cesc Fàbregas has filled his traditional no. 10 role, lining up in front of the holding midfielder duo.

With Chelsea’s medical team, I reckon they’ll have Oscar ready to go 100% when he returns to the pitch.

For Leicester City on Wednesday, Chelsea could be missing Loic Remy, and Oscar. Jose Mourinho has guaranteed that Diego Costa will be available and ready to go on Wednesday, after injuring his hamstring against Stoke City.


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