Leboeuf: Drogba and Lampard have to go!

The ex-Chelsea star Franck Leboeuf thinks that Andre Villas-Boas must come in with a new broom and clear out the old guard of Didier Drogba and Frank Lamprd, who are both about the same age as the manager!

“The club is at the end of the cycle for some players.

“I said last season that I didn’t see them ­winning the title. It’s not that Manchester United were better, it’s just some players are settled down so well that they are the bosses.

“It’s hard to cope with that situation and for the players themselves to find motivation.

“I’m not talking about John Terry. He was born and raised at Chelsea, he didn’t come from another club, and it would be a pity if he moved.

“If he did, I’d go there and slap him. I’d say, ‘No, you’re a Chelsea man – you will die at Chelsea’.

“But for others – and I’m ­thinking Drogba – I love him, but he needs new ­motivation, and maybe Lampard too.

“You have cycles of five years and some players have nearly been there 10. They are great players, but need to go to refresh their ideas.”

I think Leboeuf is wrong there. Lampard is just phenomenal when he is fit so we should use him whenever we can, and although Drogba has been known to sulk, his attitude was good at the end of last season. If the Ivorian gets on well with Villas-Boas (and I think he will) then he will score goals when asked to play.

I say keep them both. What do you say?

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  1. dee says

    i say kick them both out plus malouda ferreira these guy are TIRED LEGS one thing is to be old n remain evergreen and another is to be tired leg. none of these guys is the giggs of this world k-i-c-k t-h-e-m o-u-t

  2. Tarquine, Kisumu says

    Yu can be my good friend. Lamps bench. Drogba en Malouda let them leave as early as today.

  3. Sean says

    D. Drogba can still do very well at chelsea if given the chance to prove himself. By the way is it a crime if a player retires at chelsea in this present roman era?

  4. Bluesbrother says

    Keep as squadplayers like scholes last year with man.u if they accept their new roles in the team.

  5. smogzaz says

    let’s be appreciative.4 al those guys had done 4 the club,some pple ar stil abusing them.

  6. fsammy says

    This is a very difficult decision to make,dis will depend on d type of players flushed in2 d club,if chelsea can get pastore & modric,dt means lamp must go bt if we succeded in getin jst only 1 of them,let lamp stay bt should not be in d startin line up.drogba is good 2 go if falcao & lukaku sign 4 chelsea.a host of players is also gud 2 go & they include anelka,malouda,essien,bosingwa,ferierra,zhikov,they’re all tired & needs rest or go to another club.blues 4 life

  7. Vince says

    Love Lamps and drogba and all the “older” guys, they were the backbone of the chelsea success in the last 7 years, but this is the last transfer period in which we can ‘reload’ our squad with younger and exciting new players for the next 10 years to come! I aint to sceptic, i really think the likes of Terry, Cole, Malouda, Lamps, Drogba etc. do have another seoson or 2 to perform at the highest level in them, but in 3 years from now, they deffenitaly wont, and then it’ll be to late to spend big and overhaul the squad because of new UEFA financial regulations as pf next year, Please Chelsea Management, we need new yunger players NOW!!! (oh and forget naymar..he’ll flop in the premier league, and please squash the roumors that David Luiz might be sold!)

  8. Eben says

    Drogba shld retire in chelsea as a legend. He has done too well for us. Lampard nids new motivation as well as essien and malouda. But d truth is dat AVB can b a good motivation, he only nids to find out ontime or ship dem out bfor d market closes..

  9. muri agunloye says

    chelsea should let them go or bring them in as sub after 75 or 80min and i want to appeal to chelsea manager that he should please don t sell david luiz inste ad he should sell malouda boswinga cole kalou

  10. araruu says

    its sad how leboeuf is calling for the heads of these player. Forgetting its in the time of drogba, essien, lampard. That chelsea turned into a massive club. What did leboeuf win for chelsea??????

  11. Dolapo says

    I think both of them should stay cos they both still make some impact in matches,take for instance drogba lately works well as a supersub. AVB should get the hands of great players before the rules of the F.A comes into action cos our players are aging and it’s better to get long term replacements for them as quick as possible. Peace!

  12. Bluekid says

    Avb will be mad to ever attempt selling luiz. He shouldnt even attempt it cos luiz is a fans favourite and i want to warn avb to inject new blood into the team and he should act more and talk less cos we chelsea fans beleive in action not words

  13. Flekzyboi(blues4life) says

    I hav said it b4,if villas boas try 2 sell david luiz,he will face d axe.in drogba nd lampard case,dey shuld go if chelsea can get falcao,lukaku/aguero 4 drogba nd pastore,modric/sneldier/hamsik 4 lampard of if chelsea can’t get them,let them stay but dey shuld make sure dat anelka,malouda,kalou,zhikov,benayoun,pheriera nd bosingwa shuld all go.can’t villas boas understand dat we the fans dont need them again,did he need micro phone 2 tell him dat?.they hav past there best nd now is the time 4 villas boas nd abrahimovich 2 get young boiz be4 the fifa fair play rule come 2 action.pls chelsea board,there is know time 2 waist am on ma niles begging.

  14. Thamara says

    I think that lampard is much more than a player, and this season he doesn’t play well because he had a injury

  15. Gegi says

    Please Keep Didier Drogba and Frank Lampard b/c they can play and score goals for chelsea. Don’t make any mistake on these two players…..Really they are very talent!

  16. Enoch says

    I think we still need both players at chelsea. drogba and lampard are fantastic players and i love them both!!!

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