Legend Alan Hudson "disgusted" with Chelsea

The Chelsea lgend Alan Hudson who was part of the fantastic Blues side that beat Leed in the 1970 FA Cup Final and then went on to win the European Cup-Winners Cup in 1971, is not very happy with the way the club has treated their old stars as the 40th anniversary of the European win is set to arrive.

He said: “I’m disgusted at the way Chelsea have ignored us. The invite was just a cursory acknowledgment of the ’71 side rather than the proper event they should put on.

“I cannot afford to go, the hotel bill is more than I get in disability benefit. I’m selling my medal as the final straw in my relationship with Chelsea, and I need the money. The club means nothing to me any more after the way I’ve been treated.”

He obviously isn’t very happy, but a Chelsea spokesperson said: “The ’71 Euro triumph is a major theme of the awards evening and all the team have been invited. Alan has written to say he won’t be attending, which is a great shame. He is an important member of the Chelsea family.”

He obviously doesn’t think so!

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  1. rob says

    I think you will find that Alan Hudson was not part of either the final drawn game or replay being out with an injury.

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