Liverpool Great Souness – “I Worry For Chelsea”

Graeme Souness has never been one to hold back when it comes to speaking the truth, and today he has been having his say about Chelsea and the recent appointment of Andre Villas-Boas as manager.

Speaking in the Sunday Mirror Souness said, “Chelsea are a big concern for me. The new manager and his new backroom team are relatively inexperienced. I worry for Chelsea.”

He went on to add, “I just didn’t see any sense in getting rid of the previous manager. I thought Ancelotti was a good manager, tried and tested at the highest level. The guy they have got in now is untried. Being successful in Portugal, where I worked for two years isn’t the biggest of deals. The way they have got it set up at Porto, from the president down, they are more or less guaranteed success every year there.”

Souness did not finish there and went on to say, “The guy has never played the game. I don’t think he’s been around top players all his life and he’s not got the experience. Nothing prepares you for management at the highest level.”

Interesting words from Souness I’m sure you will agree, especially has he failed to win the league title in Portugal with Benfica. It seems strange that a man who has only won league titles in Scotland as a manager would say such things, perhaps he is just jealous of Chelsea and Andre Villas-Boas, or maybe he is losing his mind!

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  1. Simon Amstell says

    Well I doubt jealousy is his reason if he in deed has one. Lets not kid ourselves everything he has said is true – AVB was and is inexperienced and completely unproven at this level. Don’t get me wrong I’m fairly happy with him and I hope he does well for us but don’t let blue tinted glasses hider the facts. I know this is a Chelsea site but we want a little balance.

  2. Runar says

    oh fuck off souness

  3. william i says

    chelsea need width or its 2nd best to man u again this season maybe even worse ! anelka kalou & malouda are just not good enough to be at a top club anymore , eden hazard , juan mata , jesus navas , any 2 of these on the wings would help chelsea solve the width problem ! hopefully we will sign 1 or 2 players that can make a diffrence !

  4. Gary says

    Today’s display against Stoke was another clear indication of the need for Chelsea to recruit creativity. The problem that got Chelsea last year still exists. Chelsea needs players that have the ability to break through resolute defences. Here they need players whose technique is unpredictable. These are those players with an extraordinary ability to deceive defenders with a drop of the shoulder or an allusive back pass that sends all concerned the wrong way. Only a few players do this really well and they are costly. We are talking of guys in the calibre of Ronaldo, Messi, and Neymar. Modric is a needed playmaker and I hope he makes the move, but he is not a player with the deceptive ability we are talking about. I think Chelsea would do well to make Neymar and Santos and offer that they cannot refuse.

  5. Vincento says

    Good perfomance. Need Sturridge back!
    Good Torres and Ramires 😉

  6. Henry says

    He is the biggest idiot in football. For one, he won the league undefeated idiot, and he one the European Cup… Wow, that’s easy…
    Secondly, he probably has more experience that most managers. He’s worked for 16 years under the best and with the best. He’s learned from two footballing greats, Sir Bobby and Mourinho. Tactical and Man Management gods. How dare this idiot, one of the worst managers ever to grace the premier league insult Villas-Boas.

    Villas Boas knows more, has done more and has worked harder than nearly any other manager.

  7. kaka says

    I completly agree with you . Aguy who has never managed to win anything in his life as a manager speaking about other’s.
    f***k off man. you shit sounessssssssssssssss. go and hide in your home. He has already proved what he can do by bringing the best out of torress , bosingwa , mikel which you could not have done.

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