Malouda – No doubt that Anelka will stay

Chelsea’s most improved player this season, Florent Malouda, is certain that Nicolas Anelka and Chelsea will come to an agreement on a new contract in the next few weeks, and his fellow countryman will remain at Stamford Bridge next season.

There have been rumours that Alex Ferguson is watching the developments, but Malouda says there is “no doubt” Anelka will stay.

“I know that he wishes to stay and extend his contract,” Malouda said.

“Now it’s just a straight discussion between him and the club but I know there have been discussions between them.

“Things are very good for him. During the transfer window there is always speculation but there is no doubt.”

The French winger also believes that, although Chelsea won the Double this season, the team want to do even better next season, and trusts Carlo Ancelotti to improve the team even further.

“In a team like Chelsea you want to win everything,” he said.

“Our ambition has to grow and we have to be regularly on top of the league. If you stay too relaxed that’s when you start to fall down.

“We will come back with more appetite and next year we should try to add something.

“We have the quality to do that, you just have to see the amount of goals we scored, but we may have to be more consistent. There were moments where we dropped points.

“I don’t know how many changes are required, that’s not my role. The manager has a lot of experience and knows what was missing from us this season and what will bring something more.”

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