Malouda speaks out on Chelsea's one year shut-out

The ex-France international Florent Malouda has been an excellent squad player at Stamford Bridge for five years now, but this season has been totally excluded from the Chelsea team (and forced to train with the U21s) amid rumours of refusing to allow the club to buy out his contract and make him a free agent this summer.

The Frenchman revealed that he is under a confidentiality agreement and not allowed to tell the world the truth about this saga, but he intends to make sure we all know when his contract finally finishes.

But he did tell France-Guyane: “The details I’ll explain when I’m free, but the strategy they use is to make me look like a player seeking substantial compensation,”

“It’s petty but more than anything else it makes me smile because it shows how these people regard me.

“If you are excluded for one year, it is very, very long. You must be armed mentally.

“All this is done to break me mentally, but in reality it motivates me enormously.”

The Frenchman is now 32, but at least he had the pleasure of playing his last game for the club in the Champions League Final and walking away with a winners medal, but it seems strange that players like Drogba and Anelka were allowed to depart for fortunes in China while Malouda is stranded in the wilderness…..

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  1. Sunday okori says

    Am a chelsea fans but i dont like the way chelsea treat their agein players, lok at Ryan Giggs of man.u. His 37-38 but his is there.

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