Man City Are Lucky And They Have Everything – Jose Mourinho

Chelsea boss, Jose Mourinho “thinks” Man City is lucky to have a team like they have this season.

He however, thinks he will set up his team to win the game that comes up this Monday at the Etihad stadium. Winning the game will reduce the gap that exists at the top of the table. The match won’t be an easy one for the Blues considering how difficult it is to beat Pellegrini’s team at the Etihad this season. Maybe a point may just do because no team has actually gone to that stadium and return with a draw let alone a win.

“We are going to try to win.

“Chelsea try to win every game. I have always said that about any competition or any game. What concerns me is my team playing well, my team trying to get the best possible result and to feel the improvement,” Mourinho told the club’s official website.

Chelsea are 3 points behind leaders City; but the Chelsea manager feels City have been a bit lucky this season having seen a lot of decisions gone in their favour.

“I think they have everything. The players are obviously very good and their manager is also doing a good job. On top of that, and this is just pure coincidence, the reality is they have had many crucial decisions in their favour. They were lucky against Liverpool, against Newcastle and against Tottenham. But I repeat this is just pure coincidence.”

“City score goals, and I don’t think for them it is important if somebody is injured. Normally when your approach is very defensive if you concede a goal you are in trouble or you have to make changes during the game and you never know how the player will adapt to it.”

Without doubt, Manchester City is a great team with a lot of goals to show for it; and that is why they have only lost once since November when they fell to Sunderland. Mourinho however, thinks the players are not going to adopt a philosophy different from the one he has taught them to understand all season.

A win for us could throw the league open once again, and could put us in good stead to capture the league; even though the boss doesn’t see that happening this season.

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