Martin O'Neill – The ref bottled it!

The Aston Villa boss Martin O’Neill was not happy after seeing his team lose 3-0 to Chelsea, and thinks that if the referee hadn’t been biased then it would have ben a much closer game.

O’Neill said: “It’s a strong word and I’m going to use it – this was an injustice. The ref has completely bottled it.

“We should have had a penalty, it was clear-cut. Even the Chelsea players showed by their reaction it was a spot-kick. But a ref who I have respect for has, for whatever reason, chosen to ignore it.

“It was a scoring opportunity and a clear sending-off but we didn’t even get the penalty. It was a major decision.

“Then there was Terry’s horrendous tackle.

“Milner is exceptionally lucky his career is still intact. I’ve just spoken to the doctor and he’s a very lucky boy as he’s okay. It’s a straight red card. You may think I’m having a rant but I’m not. It’s straightforward and the referee is right next to it but chooses to give a yellow.

“I’m trying to give referees respect but these are incontestable decisions. All I’m looking for is fair play. Even with the decisions going against us there was nothing in it.”

Err I’m not sure that 3-0 counts as nothing Martin!

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