Martinez – We believe we can beat Chelsea again!

The Wigan manager Roberto Martinez engineered his team’s first ever win over a Big Four side when they beat Chelsea earlier in the season, and thinks they can repeat the feat again on Sunday.

“The Chelsea performance was really, really pleasing the way we stopped them from being Chelsea. We were the better side,” Martinez said.

“We had a few chances in the first half and we got a goal from a set play.

“In the second half when Chelsea scored the equaliser I just felt it was a real test how we would react to that.

“To finish the game and win we got rid of that mental block that Wigan Athletic would never be able to beat the top four. We are going to approach it on Sunday in the same manner.”

“A strong performance at Stamford Bridge is an important way to finish the season,” Martinez said.

“We are not going to just turn up and be another team at Stamford Bridge.

“We will approach it in a manner where we want to hurt Chelsea on the day.

“It is going to be difficult but the players have huge belief that we can go to Stamford Bridge and make things very, very difficult.

“Mentally we are prepared to go there and do as well as we can.”

Just two years ago, Wigan ended Chelsea’s title hopes at Stamford Bridge by getting a very late equaliser through Emile Heskey. Can they do it again?

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  1. mehemed says

    LOLOL its toooo late for tht

    chelsea thrashed wigan 8-0

    sooo, big deal if they beat them be4

    chelsea are champions 😀

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