Media Storm starting to have an effect on Terry and Chelsea

After the weekend it was easy to forget the serious personal issues going with John Terry and it is now more realistic to suspect that Terry will have to take some significant time off to work on his private life.

Terry’s wife Toni Poole and the children are in Dubai avoiding the manic media attention that the Terry family are being subjected to and reports have starting come in that Terry intends to fly out there soon.

If Terry does take time off it will without doubt impact us and once this story broke we should really all have prepared ourselves at that time that Terry would have to take time off.

When questioned the gaffer Ancelotti never denied that Terry would be taking time off, in fact he said that they will indeed be talking about it after the Everton game

“We have spoken and we will take the decision together after the Everton game to see if he needs to rest two days or if he wants to stay here and play against Cardiff,” Ancelotti said.

“He has not asked for any time off to see his wife. My preference is what he wants. I am totally supportive of him. We will make the decision together.

“We want to respect the FA Cup because it is an important trophy in this country so we will speak after the game against Everton and make the decision, the right one for us both.

“The FA Cup and John’s marriage are different; FA Cup is professional, the other thing is private.”

Terry may well not have asked for time off and no one can fault the way he is playing but be assured there is stuff going on behind the scenes and it wont be as rosy as we the public are lead to believe.

Terry should go and sort his private life out because if not in time it will start to effect not just himself but the club as well.

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