Michael Essien – I thought Boxing Day was for a big fight!

The Chelsea midfielder Michael Essien was diagnosed as being out for three to four weeks after being taken off during Chelsea’s 2-2 draw with Apoel, but all he wanted to talk about in his blog was Christmas!

He is bringing his Mum over from Ghana to cook him his favourite Jollof Rice and chicken over Christmas, and he explains how the Ghanaians love to party during the holiday period.

“What I find strange in England is that the build up is bigger than Christmas Day. On Christmas Day you hardly see anyone around as most people are at home. In Ghana we know how to party before, during and after Christmas. From Christmas Eve right through to Boxing Day you see everyone you know either at a party, in town or at a concert. Somehow you will see them.”

He also says that he thought Boxing Day meant there was always a big fight!

He said: “Talking about Boxing Day – as a kid I always thought it was the day Ghanaian boxing legend Azumah Nelson always fought. I thought it was a day set aside for boxing fights so I was surprised to find Azumah fighting in June once until it was explained to me!

“I must admit the Boxing Day concept isn’t that much of a Ghanaian concept. We don’t wait till December 25 or 26 to exchange presents. One could be taxed for a Christmas present long before and after Christmas. There is also a new year’s present concept in Ghana. I can’t work that one out but we love it.”

It sounds like a great place to spend Christmas, even if there isn’t a big fight to look forward to!


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