1. nabasu emma says

    levy should let luka modric go to chelsea pls

  2. Austeen says

    I think it’s high time T’ham will let this guy go if not they will not see the best of him next season. That was arrogant of Levy to have threatened Modric.

  3. Olugbenga 0gunbode says

    Whoever know levy should kindly tell him to allow modric to leave since the best offer has been table by chelsea.

  4. Babatundepaul says

    Levy you want to betray this guy. You sign an agreement with him and you don’t want to keep the agreement. LET LUKA MODRIC GO!


    Spurs r a small club, levy shud accept that…..THANK YOU MODRIC FOR MAKING YOUR STANCE KNOWN, COME TO CHELC, LAND OF CHAMPIONS,

  6. Monkey 122 says

    The ‘agreemen’ was for a bid that met Spurs valuation. £22m is nowhere near what the market would be and way off what Spurs would be prepared to sell for.

    Until a club offers a sensible sum there should be no issue.

    This is Modric and Chelsea trying to pull one over the eyes or Spurs to let him go on the cheap.

    Good on Levy to make a stance.

    No point increasing wages to £90k just spend the money on somebody else and sell Modric to an overses club or let him sit on the reserves bench.

  7. Martinz says

    Levy should let Modric go to chelsea since dats wat the player wants.Of what use is a player to you when he is sitting in the stands.LEVY,LET LUKA MODRIC GOOOOOOOOOOOO.

  8. James says

    Its a high time spurs letModric go to chelsea.

  9. fsammy says

    Modric wants 2 leave,levy aint selling,chelsea wants to buy,modric wants to go to chelsea,modric call levy a liar.this is becoming more interesting.if am levy i’ll ask chelsea 2 bring an improved deal and sell d insultive boy to chelsea,anything apart 4rm dat means levy is a coward & hes keepin modric 4 his own selfish interest.levy need 2 avoid what happens in d case of barbatov & sell modric early so as to get good replacement b4 end of transfer window,there is no doubt modric heart is now set on chelsea.let him go-selfish levy.blues 4 life

  10. blueboycfc says

    just let him join the blues levy, why are you being a total fool, you must realise he is not going to try now for you he is not being unreasonable he just want’s to play for a bigger better club that can win trophy’s, see sense man.

  11. cally ifediora says

    levy should let luka modric go to chelsea hence he has decided to go.

  12. breenes says

    Levi stp foolin around and let dis guy come 2 chel.U cnt garantee anytin beta dan wat chelsea wuld gv hm

  13. ozegbemartins says

    can’t he understand dat he want to go essein is on injuri

  14. Olowookere rasaq says

    Going to chelsea is the best option for luka modric, pls levy allow him to leave bcos he will pass back pass to opponent as soon as he still remain at totenham.

  15. Nimi matthew says

    Day should allow him to go ..cos his mind is no longer there

  16. Nimi matthew says

    They should allow him to go….cos he is not intrested in de the money but love to play champions league

  17. ozor says

    let this boy go phero levy

  18. sam05 says

    modric,u made a BIG mistake,u shuld av let it be a written agreement nd nt a verbal agreement cos verbal agreement can be denied nd levy knew it will happen this way dats why he said o.k when u dscuss dat with him..now he’s holding u against ur will…u shuld av tink abt d future b4 u sign d deal

  19. Shina olosan says

    Let modric go

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