Mourinho confident van Ginkel will make Chelsea First Team

It took a while, but as we told you on the 28th May ( ), Chelsea have signed Marco Van Ginkel from Vitesse for a fee of £9 million pounds.

We were not the only club interested in the young starlet, but assurances from Jose Mourinho seem to have sway van Ginkel’s decision. Mourinho informed the young Dutch midfielder that he would have substantial game time this season as we look to develop a natural successor to Frank Lampard. Lampard can’t go on forever, and now is the time to consider replacements. They are huge shoes to fill, but van Ginkel certainly has the potential to do so.

Van Ginkel made his international debut against Germany last year, and since then he has gone on from strength to strength. With 8 goals in 33 appearances last season, van Ginkel has aspirations of making the world cup squad in 2014. This is why Mourinho’s reassurances were needed – van Ginkel would never make the squad if he was barely getting on the pitch for his club. Thankfully, the player has been sufficiently convinced of his perceived value to Chelsea, and worries that he might languish on the bench or be loaned out like Marin and Lukaku have been put at ease.

As we spoke about recently, if Mourinho is to build a legacy at Chelsea, he must be given time. So far, the signings of van Ginkel and Schurrle indicate that this will indeed be the case. Both players will need game-time to find their feet and develop in to the huge players for us that they can be. This may mean playing them more often than we would like, but it is so that we reap the rewards in years to come. If anyone can bring these kinds of talents through without sacrificing results, it’s Mourinho, but we must be patient if it takes some time to gel. Van Ginkel could become an incredibly valuable asset to Chelsea – but we must give him time. Welcome to Chelsea, Marco.

Tell us, how much do you know about Marco van Ginkel?

  1. Emma-Nuel says

    VAN GINKEL is a nice and flanboyant player. Chelsea wil reap d fruit of their youthful players acquisition in years 2 come bcos Financial Fair Play is on d move next season bcos we can not afford 2 suffer d same fate wit Malag and other teams who’re in trouble now. Odinaka from Amudam-ubi Awo Mbieri, Mbaitoli L.G.A IMO STATE, Nigeria.

  2. Gido says

    Does that mean Kevin and Oscar may not have enough time next season and this season respectively

  3. Austino says

    No one can bench oscar.

  4. Sir Austino says

    If Vangikel will make a first team in chelsea, what about Oscar?

  5. Jose Williams says

    Oscar could be irreplaceable in many mind but mourinho thinks like Jose not like us.
    God bless chelseafc

  6. Cliff Peterson says

    According to what happened last season Chelsea really need him, at least he would get some playing time, with Chelsea being competitive side he would get 25 – 30 games or more. Due to trimmed squad and some of the squad player very young with Marin and Benayoun under-performing Chelsea suffered some set back last season, if Mata, Hazard & Oscar are injured or tired, minus Moses you find out that no other player who can fill the space left by any of them perfectly, last season Benayoun was awful and Marin’s performance is questionable so, Van Ginkel and De Bruyne will add something much more than the pair.

  7. sam says

    A natural successor to no. 8 wud b KDB if gven chance to play @ that position. I feel sorry for Mechechran he wz knwn as English Xavi. Van Ginkel aint bad but not better than KDB! Future is br8 for Chelsea ..

  8. jay says

    U don’t wanna mess with Oscar, trust me Jose..

  9. steve says

    mikel is going out for van ginkel.scoring 8 goals in 33 appr that is good,mikel scored 3 goals 257 appearances,so poor.farewell mikel

  10. B-n nwanekwu says

    We will all see what happen nex, let the show beggin.

  11. Joel says

    Which possition wil Van Ginkle play becouse be Mikel is there for possition 4,Mata is for 10,Remires is for 8 so which possition that is left win Hazard and osca are there so let mourinho just issue him for load becouse he can’t get a jessy,but the only problem that am having with chelsea now is about the goalkeeper is not that cech is not good but there is know better subtitution for him so i prefair courtois should come back incase of any problem but am not beging for any thing to happen but due to the nature of football.

  12. lampardfan says

    oscar is more better thaan van gignkel

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