Mourinho Defends Eto’o & Believes Suarez Should Have Received A Yellow

Jose Mourinho believes that Liverpool forward Luiz Suarez should have received at least a yellow card, while also defending Samuel Eto’o for his challenge on Jordan Henderson.

Several English tabloids criticized Eto’o for his terrible challenge on the Liverpool player, and believed he should have received at least a yellow before scoring his goal. In a match that was characterised by a couple of hard tackles; the Chelsea boss did not hesitate to defend the Cameroonian international.

While speaking to Sky Sport, the manager felt that Suarez should have been booked for diving against us.

“On the other situation with Suarez I would resolve this differently with a yellow card for Luis Suarez. I keep saying I hate players trying to provoke situations. Luis is an amazing player and I have lots of respect for his quality and his attitude of trying to win every game but sometimes he tries too much.”

Suarez is a player well known for diving, which makes it even more difficult to know when he is actually fouled. Mourinho also spoke on Hazard’s penalty claim, which he felt should have been awarded.

“I think there is another big case for a penalty on Hazard. Something is happening, week after week, I don’t know why referees don’t see it. He’s a fair boy and I don’t know why this is happening.”

He however, defended Eto’o when asked on what he thought about the striker’s harsh challenge on Jordan Henderson.

“I didn’t see it [The Henderson incident];I don’t know which situation you are referring to.

“For some weeks I have been criticizing him a lot internally for his failure to adapt to what the Premier League is in terms of physicality so if he had a tackle deserving of a card it was my fault because I’m asking him to adapt to this,” Mourinho explained.

Matches involving Chelsea and Liverpool have always generated heated arguments and debates in recent times; and it is no surprise this one ended the same way. Eden Hazard for instance is a player that has not been lucky with refereeing this season as he has suffered a lot of tackles this season.

However, if the true has to be said, I must confess we were lucky to have Eto’o on the pitch for the whole duration of the match. His tackle on Jordan Henderson was definitely not necessary and it will most likely result into a sending off on another day.

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