Mourinho Doesn't Think Chelsea Will Win League, Brendan Rodger Runs His Mouth

Sunday’s match at Anfield was a battle of wits and tactics and both sides were well matched. But at the end of the day, it was visitng Chelsea that got the better of their hosts.

And Jose Mourinho have left no one in doubt, especially his critics, that when it becomes to big games, he rarely disappoints. And in this season, he has won most if not all the big games. The Portuguese tactician sure knows how to get the better of his rivals.

Talking to the press after the match, Jose Mourinho said;

“Now we can say we won both matches against the champions. If it’s Liverpool, we won both. If it’s City, we won both.”

The Blues coach has continued to play down on his team’s title chase and is glad that Chelsea made it to the top 3 on the Premiership table.  He said

“With these three points we need one point to finish third. It was a good season for us and an evolution in many aspects of this team.”

“The champions will be City or Liverpool so we have nothing to celebrate.”

He had this to say after the game

“Obviously many people would be expecting us to come here and lose 3-0 or 5-0 like others. Many people think it was impossible to get this result. But the boys had an amazing performance so I’m so happy for them and for the fans. This is the spirit we always want at Chelsea football club.”

His Liverpool counterpart Brendan Rodgers had severely criticized their tactics. He said;

“It was clear that they had not come here to win the game with the time-wasting and what not. The players gave everything, we just couldn’t get that wee bit of luck. I don’t think it’s a tactic to get players behind the ball. You could get anyone to get everyone back and defend on the edge of the box.”

“We are still two points ahead of a team that has spent an absolute fortune. If we win our last two games we finish above them and then we’ll see what happens with Manchester City. The players have been brilliant, we dust ourselves off.”

Chelsea really deserved to win the encounter although Liverpool gave an very good account of themselves. And as for Mourinho feigning to downplay his title ambitions, I don’t believe him one bit!


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