Mourinho makes personal call to Chelsea transfer target

Well if ever you needed confirmation that Chelsea are chasing a player in the transfer window then you are not going to get better than Jose Mourinho making a personal phone call to the target in question!

It seems that the 19 year-old French international Kurt Zouma was the lucky recipient, and he has been persuaded by Mourinho that he would love to move to Stamford Bridge.

Zouma, who is tipped to be a future captain of the French National team, disclosed when he was asked if the Chelsea rumours were true: “Well, it’s true. There has been an advanced contact,”

“At first I thought it was a joke. But I quickly took his call seriously. A great man like Jose Mourinho phoning a small player like Kurt Zouma, it’s nice. It does not happen to you every day and it is a great sign of respect and trust. I will always take Chelsea [rather than another club]. I loved this club since childhood and blue is my favourite colour.”

So it looks like Mourinho has made sure of his second signing since his return to the club….

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