Mourinho Publicly Admits He Has Given Up On Chelsea

Jose Mourinho2Chelsea have not found it good for them this season and it is starting to look like Mourinho has lost every knowledge of football and maybe even more as the team had started to convince fans that they were ready for a turnaround but they were shocked by Bournemouth in their weekend encounter in the English Premier League and fans are again clamoring for Mourinho to be sacked with immediate effect.

The late goal scored by Glenn Murray shows that the Blues have not been able to coordinate themselves and are obviously presently disorganized and in a bad state.

The team’s performances at the moment cannot even be explained by anyone as they are currently the defending champions of the English Premier League table but seem to have lost all zest and fight in them to even challenge for anything this season.

A few weeks back, Mourinho decided to give Chelsea fans hope as he said he would still qualify for the top-four but with 15 points from 15 matches and 14 points behind the fourth-placed team, Mourinho may have given up on Chelsea and as publicly admitted it as he said that “There is no chance that Chelsea will be fighting relegation. That is not the problem. It is that our objective is to finish top four,” he said following the 1-0 defeat. “Before this game it was realistic to think that our quality would take us out of this position, but maybe now we have to think about top six. If our players are not able to give the maximum every day that is a problem. If you analyse match after match, there are a few layers where it is difficult to be consistent. You think there is evolution, but maybe it is just one moment in which they are good.”

However, in his usual manner, Mourinho still found someone to blame for their loss as he said, “We didn’t deserve to lose. Our opponent – in the period that they thought only of defence – managed to get a goal and there was a clear mistake from the referee. The referee made an important mistake. I think it is a clear handball and penalty with the score at 0-0. In the first half we were not aggressive enough, in the second half we arrived in dangerous positions a lot of time with a lot of crosses from the right hand side from Ivanovic. They played in a way that some call intelligent, some say is not fair play. They were taking time, calling for the medical department and drinking water like it is basketball time out.”

Maybe the team needs to just realize that they have to do something or they might not even qualify for the Europa League too.

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