Nicolas Anelka Looks Set To Leave

Nicolas Anelka looks as though he is in his last season at Stamford Bridge after Andre Villas-Boas admitted yesterday that the player himself wants to leave.

Anelka is in the final year of his contract and he is prepared to just let it run out. When AVB was asked yesterday whether Anelka would be offered a new contract he replied, “It might not be the player’s expectancy to renew. We will make our efforts for him to renew, but Nico has his own decision to make and I am not sure he will be willing.”

Villas-Boas went on to say, “Nico as a person is very, very happy, he belongs to Chelsea in the last year of his contract.”

The manager was then asked whether Anelka has expressed an interest in leaving. He simply answered, “Yes.”

Where will Anelka end up? At 32 his options may be limited, but it appears as though he could be going to the United Arab Emirates where football is taking off and big money is being offered to foreign imports.

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  1. Kim says

    We should let him leave. If any player expresses an interest in leaving why play him. We have Strurridge who isas good if not better, we have Lukaku as well. Torres will come good he just needs a couple of goals for his confidence. They are the future of Chelsea not 32 year olds.

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