Overlooked Oscar will be Chelsea's MVP for years under Mourinho

Chelsea’s golden trio going in to last season were Juan Mata, Eden Hazard and Oscar. However, come the end of the season and while Mata and Hazard are justifiably receiving tremendous praise, Oscar seems to have been forgotten. David Luiz and Frank Lampard were our other two headline grabbers – Oscar simply went about his business like an unworried gambler at a no deposit casino! Many have said that the young Brazilian needed a season to get used to the English game, but that concept is as ill-thought out as it is downright ignorant. Mata and Hazard are incredibly creative attackers. Oscar is an incredibly creative footballer.

One criticism that I have no concern expressing is the amount of tracking back that Hazard and Mata were willing to do this season. It wasn’t much. Exceptional when going forward, neither player looks comfortable when defending. Oscar is a different type of player altogether. While Hazard and Mata managed 63 and 70 shots respectively, Oscar had 60. However, when it comes to defensive stats, the combined efforts of Haz-ata can’t come close to Oscar’s output. 86 tackles compared to their combined total of 53. He had 32 clearances – between them, Hazard and Mata managed 8.

Oscar is far, far more than simply a very talented attacking midfielder – he is an all-round playmaker that will do his best work for Chelsea in the middle. Mourinho loves a playmaking box to box central midfielder, and in Oscar he has one of the world’s best already and if he improves Jose may think he has won the jackpot at an online casino! Michael Essien made the role his own during Jose’s first spell; it’s Oscar’s turn now. Dropping Oscar slightly deeper also frees up new signing Schurrle as an option to come in to the team. Schurrle might not be as well-known as Mata, Oscar and Hazard were when signed, but if given the chance he could terrorise this league.

Preseason is only around the corner, and we should be able to start getting a firmer grasp of Mourinho’s intentions and formation. Personally, I fully expect to see Oscar utilised in a more structured role than we saw last year. Mark my words – this time next year we will be talking about how Mourinho built the team around the young Brazilian, and it’s going to be stunning.

Do you agree? Just how important do you think Oscar is to Chelsea?

  1. kevin says

    I agree with u completely on this. Oscar is my best player

  2. kay says

    Oscar is very shy going forward and the quality of a forward is his creativity and intelligence in going forward. David luiz had mentioned it before as an area Oscar desperately need to improve upon. Until he does that improvement, nothing for him. I prefer the Brazilian Bernard to Oscar because the boy can better split defence and create attacks much more than Oscar.

  3. williamz says

    i agree wit u, oscar is more important in d team let also appreciate him n giv him more chance to play he roun’s front n back he go’s d both sid

  4. Chigozie emmanuel says

    Oscar is a good player and he is a creative playmaker, so if mourinho give him chance he wil do more better in chelsea as he is doing now…

  5. phemix says

    oscar is better than Mata…cos he can do the passing of the ball and the defensive job too….I think he is gonna be one of Chelsea finest player in the future under mourinho

  6. Austino says

    I simply love dat boy.He does his business quietly.A silent killer to say.Up blues.

  7. Pat says

    I agree wit u, but i prefer him in a centre role. If he is deployed in d centre he would be able to test d keeper wit his shot. He can tackle more dan d other 2 amigos, mata and hazard.

  8. JAMENC says

    He’s a great one nd dnt like going foward nd wil be a gud nd beta replacement 4 lampard,since he has dat shot 4rm outside the box.

  9. Temi says

    Yeah, Oscar is very talented playmaker. He should be allowed to play deeper to bring the best from him.

  10. vc10 says

    I dnt even tink morinho wull use oscar,morinho dnt like strenghtless playas,we can c d case of kaka,dat wil b d case of oscar unda morin ho

  11. cmon you blues says

    Oscar is still young and needs to strengthen. Brilliant mind, let’s get him in the training room a bit.

  12. moses says

    Who’s that primitive guy comparing oscar to benard? Oscar is better than nemyar and mata,he has enormous talent and his wisdom and composure are beyond his age,he will be better than lampard if he’s used in lampard’s position,he is one of the best buys in chelsea’s history

  13. Ade Sam says

    Only if Monrinho ll make of this player, nd nt rely on big player like Esien nd Frank.

  14. Boyi solomon says

    I quite agree with that, infact Oscar is a fantastic player and i love him so much

  15. yousuph says


  16. UDO JITE says


  17. Jose Williams says

    I really wish and pray that Jose murinho will just do as u said. BCos that’s the very best thing for team. Some players are simply too good to be on the bench.
    See??? No one talks about Moses. (smh)

  18. Dewaskillz says

    Just want I had in mind,I will love to see oscar take up d central midfield position and d attacking left for mata,he performed extremely well when asked to switch role to central

  19. Den Sammy says

    I fuly agree wit u,oscar is a grt playmaker,mou shd pls giv him chance to show his talent.i so much lv oscar his is a grt player.

  20. Greg says

    I wouldn’t say it’s ill-thought out or ignorant to think that Oscar might’ve needed a year or so to settle in. Even though I’m a life-long Chelsea fan, I thought he would need time to settle in & I’ve never been happier to be proven wrong. The style of football played in the EPL, is quite different to anywhere else, with maybe the exception of the Bundesliga. Add that to the fact that his the previous year his career had been interrupted by the nonsense with Sao Paolo & injury. I feel that he, as did many others, that he might need some time to settle in. I don’t think his achievements have been overlooked either. The fact that the Chelsea midfield is affectionately known as “MaZaCa” says it all. He is seen as an integral part of the Chelsea line up, but we also realise he still has some developing to do. My biggest criticism of him, is that he needs to ‘beef’ up a bit. Apart from that he will become a great footballer, up there in the top 10 midfielders in the world.

  21. steve says

    all of u here have just disappointed me, to actually rate osca the way u did, osca has alot to learn, he need to develop his ball passing technique, accuracy and moving forward, dats where his lacking. As far as passing of ball is concerned, both short n long, mikel is the best in the chelsea team and 1 of the best in the world, give mikel central attacking role n see wat am talking about, did u watch mikel at the confederations cup? oscar, for me has alot to learn.

  22. phearak says

    oscar is already perfect now

  23. phearak says

    he is a prolific playmaker in both of his national team and chelsea

  24. Dare says

    Oscar wil gud as sub.i need ramires n vinkel in d 2/3 of d pack n hasard,mata n shurrle in attackin pack and lukaku or roneey as striker

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