Petr Cech thinks Villas-Boas will be at Chelsea for life!

The Chelsea keeper Petr Cech has seen a LOT of managers come and go since he arrived at Stamford Bridge, but he thinks that Roman Abramovich has found the right man this time to build a dynasty of success.

Andre Villas-Boas is only 33, the same age as Didier Drogba, which makes Cech think that he could be at Chelsea for a long, long time. He said: “It is hard to explain why it is the way it is at Chelsea sometimes. But now we have a young manager who can hopefully stay for 25 years like Ferguson at Manchester United.

“It would be great to have that continuity here.

“Andre is a great choice. He is young and he has proved that he can manage a big club to success. He knows English football and he knows our club – that will be a massive help.

“We know him and he knows us from the time when he was here with Jose Mourinho. Andre did a fantastic job then with all his analysis of our opponents which I always found a big, big help.

“And I’m sure he will do a fantastic job again.”

He certainly has tasted success at Chelsea while assistant to Jose Mourinho. If he has learnt from the master, then there is no reason he can’t emulate his success!

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  1. fsammy says

    all this are just tommyrots,let this guy buy players.we’re the only big team dormant in this window d fact dat we suppose to be the most active.i’ll wait & see how he’ll achieve with those uncreative players.its just a matter of time

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