Post match: Chelsea V Fulham – Chelsea fail to score again!

Chelsea have played out their second 0-0 draw in a row, and have now failed to score in their last 3 game.

Under Roberto Di Matteo, Chelsea had scored in every home game this season in all competitions, and only failed to score away from home twice, including a very tough trip to Turin to play Juventus. In the contrary, Chelsea are yet to score in either of their two home games under Rafa Benitez.

This second consecutive stalemate in the league now leaves Chelsea FC 7 points behind league leaders Manchester United, and 6 behind league holders Manchester City. If we we’re to fall further behind, we may as well give up on winning the league.

Chelsea we’re uninspired and lacked ambition going forward, playing very narrow in a game where Juan Mata and John Obi Mikel we’re dropped to the bench. Fulham had the better of the first half with Dimitar Berbatov using his strength to his advantage.

At the start of the second half, Chelsea started to take control, with Oscar being robbed of shot by the back-tracking Mahamadou Diarra. Then Fulham fought back, with Cech forced to make two saves from two chances which both fell to John Arne Riise.

Chelsea need to turn things around and fast. We as a club will not accept being out of the title race before Christmas, and with the team we have, we should not be struggling to score goals, especially at Stamford Bridge. Roberto Di Matteo may have been struggling defensively, but the coaches around him may have been partly to blame. Does Roman want good football and goals? Or Rafa’s Clean-sheets?

  1. Timlos says

    And his excuse for playing Bertrand and dropping Mata? Rotation. Drop Mata then leave Marin and Moses on the bench while you play Bertrand for Mata. Some smart like for like substitution. Sure he simply watched CL final and saw Bertrand play and decided to try his luck. All hail our “try your luck” coach.

  2. mario says

    address issues:

    1. chelsea only plays better second half; cannot they ”start” the game 30 minute before,
    banging heads anything to cause them to get into it? wouldn’t it work?

    2. three number 10’s, no width; come on!!!! address this, how hard can it be?
    ** personally i rate oscar & mata above hazard, this is an issue for chelsea;
    however, hazard initially was used to penetrate .. why doesn’t he do it any more, he should take players 1 on 1 and penetrate with people nearby to collect bounce back or passes; he needs to sort out his shooting, this is a MUST!!
    another weakness is none of them are good headers;

    3. just give up on torres, have moses or sturridge a strikers and that’s it;
    ** i know these are not any good, moses should have never been bought in the first place he is ok, and that is it;
    ** we have a below mid table strike force, we deserve it, do not blame benitez for this;

    could turn out pretty bleak .. this is how i saw it at the time of the community shield & UEFA super cup, but then our expectation have been raised, until 2 weeks ago or so!

  3. mario says

    ah, and i also hate seeing bertrand as a winger!!!
    fans will start to want to see the back of him poor guy!!
    why so defensive when playing at home to fullham ????????????????

    ok i thought it was RDM’s fix idea, but why does benitez follow suit ?

  4. jabba says

    1 word torres out im tired of al the chances he gets why not put mozes in or i bet clifford could do a better job as him anyway torres out and falcao plz come we need him a lot if we want to win games !!!!!

  5. wisesageknowledge says

    Rafa has been around one week. He has had two clean sheets. Chill, Winston. There is no need to try and play anywhere but through the middle when you have no point man. You can cross all you want, but it makes no sense when you have Torres and no Drogba.

  6. farcyde21 says

    @Mario – in response to your issues list

    1 – Not sure how they can fix that one
    2 – Mata should be on the left, Moses on the right. Both are good on the wing and can actually play out there. Oscar and Hazard are #10s for sure and they both looked lost yesterday. Hell, I’d even play Torres out on the wing instead of up top, he was very useful there last year even though he wasn’t scoring goals.
    3 – Torres was our most dangerous player yesterday… sad and that truly says a lot about Fulham’s D and how pathetic we are playing in attack at the moment. But as you said, our options are very limited. Sturridge has been hurt and likely when he’s 100% he will get some time but until he stops being selfish, I don’t see him as a better replacement. As for Moses, he’s not a true out-and-out striker but I suppose he might be our best option at the moment.

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