QPR's Ferdinand will snub Chelsea captain Terry AND Cole!

The row drags ever onwards, with yet another hearing set for September 24th. I am not saying that the charges of racism should not be looked in to but it is going on too long. He has already been cleared in the criminal courts, but the FA will hold it’s own secret hearing. They could decide to hand the Chelsea captain a ban which would threaten to ruin his England career and Chelsea’s season.

Terry has been training and should be fit to face QPR on Saturday. The two clubs have been talking and trying to come up with a way to avoid bad feeling after QPR defender Anton Ferdinand, who is Terry’s accuser, stated that he would not shake hands with Terry or Ashley Cole. Cole has also been training and should be fit to play.

Ferdinand and his brother Rio got Cole involved in the whole situation after the Chelsea left back was a character witness for Terry during his trial this summer. Rio got himself in trouble with the FA over his “choc ice” tweet. It is all getting a bit shoolboyish if you ask me, and the sooner it is cleared up the better.

Chelsea need to focus on extending their perfect league record before a trio of tough games against Juventus, Stoke and Arsenal.

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  1. k.c says

    hypocrites that’s the english f.a.

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