Real Madrid Star Could Join Chelsea – Claims FIFA Agent

According to FIFA agent, Francis Gallardo, Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho will be happy to exchange Brazilian international, Oscar for Luka Modric of Real Madrid.

Oscar, whose form this season is one of the reasons why Juan Mata had to leave the club last January, is no doubt one of the favourite players of the Portuguese coach; and one wonders why the ‘Happy One’ would prefer to have Modric in his team than the Brazilian international.

The young Brazilian was rumoured to be a transfer target for PSG not quite long ago; but Gallardo thinks Mourinho won’t give a second thought to letting the player leave if it means having a player like Modric in exchange.

The FIFA agent was asked about the deal while speaking to La Sexta said:

This could be a possibility.”

“Mourinho is a fan of the strong Real Madrid star. He knows Modric will be expensive and would be happy to exchange a pretty good player Chelsea.

“The player Mourinho wants at Chelsea is Modric and he is willing to include Oscar plus cash in the transaction,” Gallardo said.

Chelsea’s interest in the Modric dates back to 2011 while he was still at Tottenham. However, this was not to be in spite of the fact that the Blues made several attempts to convince the midfielder to hand in a transfer request.

Mourinho’s preference for Modric over Oscar could be as a result of the former’s high work rate, which is one of the reasons he brought him to Madrid in 2011. Modric didn’t hit it big in his first few months of joining Real Madrid, but later settled in and is now rated as one of the most hardworking midfielders in the current set up.

Regardless of what agent Gallardo says or thinks, Chelsea are not looking at selling their highly rated Brazilian, who is one of the most hardworking midfielders in the EPL in spite of diminutive size.

I don’t see us letting him join either Real Madrid or PSG as he is considered by the fans as one of those players with a very high work rate.

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  1. Egyptian chelsea life long fan says

    hmmm…IDK how i feel about this because i like Willian or Hazard in the number 10 role more than Oscar. Id like to see Oscar play the role Modric plays at Madrid..If thats the case then this transfer is unnecessary. Also i think Khedera or Gundogen might be cheaper options..especially Kheidera, also younger. WHAT HAPPENED TO MVG?

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