Redknapp admits that Modric wants to leave

While Modric seems to be angling for a transfer to Chelsea in a very non-confrontational manner, Daniel Levy and Harry Redknapp are not to be mistaken in their desire to keep the Croatian at White Hart Lane.

SkySports News are reporting that Redknapp isn’t best pleased that Modric is being distracted by talk of a transfer. He said: “He’s OK. He’s a great lad, a fantastic boy and a great player. I love him as a fella and everything. We will see what happens. He’s always been committed to Tottenham. He loves playing here and he’s a great player for us”.

He continued: “It’s a difficult situation for him and I understand where he’s coming from. We can’t kid ourselves, if someone is going to double or treble your wages, it’s difficult. But he signed a contract here, we love him here and we want him here. We don’t want to sell our best players. We are looking to build a team not tear a team to pieces. He’s a massive part of that, we need him here, he’s a special player for us.”

He added: “He’s going to remain here, but there is no point me saying he’s walked in here today and everything is great, he’s happy and he’s going to stay. The kid is a bit confused at the moment and it’s not been easy for him. I’d be telling you lies if I said he’s happy and he doesn’t want to go and play for whoever wants him – I think there are three or four of the top five that want him. But we want to keep him here.”

It doesn’t look like Modric will be able to leave without hurting anyone’s feelings at Tottenham and if he does want to move on he’ll have to put his foot down over the issue.

  1. Somebody_wants_Modric_to_go_to_Chelsea says

    He better go. We really need him!!. Roman must hurry up and bid for him again so we wont need to pay huge amounts of money on the last day of the transfer window!!

  2. Wizzyblack says

    Hey Mr.Harry pls allow modric to leave if he wishes. Don’t let hes own issue dull the moral of the entire team,you know you to start preparing for a new season in earnest. So let him leave and invest the money from his sale to bring in good and quality players. Cos i know you need to sell before you buy. Are you going to sell two to three players to buy just One Or sell only One to buy like three players? The choice is yours for you to make. Let him go in peace…

  3. Valentine igolo says

    Mr Totenham plz allow mr modric 2 leave 2 his desired choiced club.Dont destroy him by allowing him to stay

  4. felix says

    pls harry allow modric to play his football anywhere he wishes to go

  5. africano.malia says

    Harry plz allow mr modric to leave,if you don’t do so at the start of season he wil not play noncomfortably with other.

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