Rodgers Confirms Liverpool Will Give Chelsea Guard Of Honour

Brendan Rodgers

Liverpool manager has confirmed that he and his Liverpool players will gladly give Chelsea the guard of honour at Anfield should Chelsea win the league tomorrow by beat Crystal Palace. Should Chelsea beat Crystal Palace tomorrow, they automatically become the champions with three games to spare which means whoever they play next ( Liverpool ) will have to give them the guard of honour.

The tradition in English football is that whoever wins the league is given a guard of honour by their next opponent in the league and in this case, Liverpool will be Chelsea’s next opponent.

When asked if Liverpool will give Chelsea the guard of honour in furtherance of the English football tradition, Brendan Rodgers was quoted as saying; “Absolutely. This club is based on dignity and respect and class.

“Whoever is the champions, that’s what you do.”

Personally, I want us to win the league tomorrow, not because I am scared that we will be caught by Arsenal or Manchester City but because I will be glad to see Steve Gerrad and co give us the guard of honour. It will make a good sight.

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