Romelu Lukaku – The Next Drogba Or Off In The Summer?

The case of Romelu Lukaku as is the case of Thibaut Courtois is a very complex one. Lukaku continues to outshine his Chelsea compatriots in the goalscoring department yet is constantly overlooked by Mourinho and the board.

Take it back to last August and every Chelsea fan was ready to give Lukaku his chance. Fast-forward to the first day of September and Lukaku had been loaned out to Everton whilst Chelsea had acquired the services of Samuel Eto’o, a seasoned veteran who is past his prime.

Comparing this seasons stats Romelu Lukaku managed to tally up 22 goals in 37 appearances for Everton whilst Samuel Eto’o managed 12 in 35 and this does indeed leave some heads questioning the Board and Mourinho’s decision.

Why would we acquire the services of a 32 year old striker past his prime instead of a 21 year old striker who can only get better? The answer is simple. Jose Mourinho simply believes Lukaku does not have the ability to become a top-level performing striker. Indeed he gets goals, but he is more of a raw goal poacher then a Diego Costa for example.

Lukaku told Sky Sports”You know, I still have a two-year contract at the biggest club in England, because that’s Chelsea. So I still hope to play there. Chelsea have a good coach.” Clearly the striker wants to be given a chance, and I believe he should be. At such a young age only special talents are already proven such as Thibaut Courtois and Lukaku looks like a player who will only continue to develop, as shown by his desire to work hard and continually improve himself.

Whatever the case if Chelsea do end up signing a world-class striker who they have for so long needed but for some reason have chosen to ignore an issue staring at them right in the face, then it may well spell the end for Romelu Lukaku’s time at Chelsea, but it would be a shame to not see the striker given one chance at the biggest level.

Written by James Barry

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