Shevchenko will leave Chelsea next week, perhaps back to Kiev?

The Chelsea and Ukranian striker Andriy Shevchenko has finally decided to call it a day at Stamford Bridge, and has been reported as being in talks with his old team Dynamo Kiev.

Carlo Ancelotti told the press today: “We don’t have news of players that will come into Chelsea, only that Shevchenko will decide to return to go to play in another team,” the Italian coach said.

“I spoke with Shevchenko, and he would like to play with continuity. Here for me it is difficult to give him this possibility to play a lot of matches and I think he will take the right decision for him.

“He will take his decision, it is not our problem, and he will choose the team that is right for him.”

“I spoke with him and he takes this decision. I have time to choose the squad in the Champions League, the only thing is Shevchenko didn’t have the possibility to play with continuity, he took the decision only for this,”

Well Shevchenko was hardly going to get much playing time now that Sturridge has arrived. And if he wasn’t even going to be named in the Champions League squad then he is doing the sensible thing by leaving.

I must be honest, i thought he was just going to warm the bench and take the money for his final year of his contract, but it seems that he does want to play, especially with World Cup coming up next summer.

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