Should Andre Schurrle Stay At Chelsea Or Leave?

After his first couple of matches for the Blues this season, the only 2 highlights being the Fabregas assisted wonder goal and his equalizer against City, the German international seemed to have lost his form somewhat.

Following a bout of illness, the former Leverkusen man failed to impress even when he started matches in the Capital one cup against second and third division sides.

With Jose Mourinho rumored to be in contact with Marco Reus’ agent, it seems that Andre Schurrle might be the one chosen to make way for his German compatriot.

Does the winger still have a role to play for the Blues?

If Reus does eventually make the move to London, Andre Schurrle might still prove useful and collaboration between the two players will go a long way to improve Chelsea’s attacking band, at the expense of the lackluster Mohammed Salah who is most likely exiting this January.

With Chelsea usually using a 3 man attack just behind the lone forward in a 4-2-3-1, having Willian, Hazard, Reus, Schurrle and Oscar makes 5 players for 3 positions and with rotation coupled with the availability of various competitions to participate in, they should all get a look in.

As Andre Schurrle showed during the 2014 World cup, he could do very well coming of the bench to influence the game. The German’s ability to play as a striker, support striker, left winger and right winger, means he will always have his uses no matter which system the manager decides to play.

German football expert Raphael Honigstein is of the opinion that Mourinho still has the 24 year old in his plans;

“I think it’s almost a good sign that Mourinho keeps talking about him, saying he needs to play better, because as long as Mo urinho says these things about you, you think you have a good chance.

Remember how he used to criticize Eden Hazard, I think it’s when he goes very quiet, that’s when you know you’re on your way out”

Even with an eventual addition of the young Reus, Andre Schurrle still has qualities that make him continually useful. Andre Schurrle’s attributes as a player are fairly obvious; The German has decent speed, above average dribbling ability, and superb finishing and Schurrle is very adept at making runs in behind a defense.

He will be useful either in the starting eleven or when emerging from the bench, as he has a tendency to still impact games.

One discernable disadvantage that the former Mainz man has is his obvious inconsistency. And as usual, his coach has a say;

“He has missed several chances this season and can’t earn a constant run in the team. Sometimes he plays phenomenal. Other times he plays s. But when he plays phenomenal, he is phenomenal” – Jose Mourinho after  a Capital one game against Bolton

As with most inconsistent players, fans of the Blues are usually unsure of what the German might contribute to any given match.

One thing’s for sure, the 24 year will be desperately looking to improve his form and help his team win the league at the end of 38 games.

  1. Fabison-val Dozie says

    With him, we are great. Having watched his games, he is a great player. Let ANDRE SCHURRLE stay.

  2. OSARO FRED says

    Schurrle should stay. Today Schurrle is out of form , by January and February a lot of players will have one problem or the other and who are not playing well now have the ability to pick up form when others are tired

  3. Asulaar says

    Chelsea mst buy Reus

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