Should Chelsea play Lukaku more often? Or risk losing him?

‘The next Didier Drogba’ looks like a pale image of Chelsea’s actual star striker, Drogba. The 18-year-old Romelu Lukaku has hardly seen any play-time action since he arrived at The Blues due to the great form of Drogba, Torres and Sturridge.

Lukaku is unhappy with the way things have evolved since he was bought by one of England’s football giants, and he probably needs to check this out and have some fun at home! But he wants to play football regularly and said yesterday: “I need to play more games. It has not been as I imagined at Chelsea. Both Andre Villas-Boas and Roberto Di Matteo have stuck with experienced players.”

“I haven’t always agreed with their decisions, but as a player you have to accept the decisions of the coach and I don’t have any regrets about joining Chelsea.”

Luckily the striker has a lot of time on his hands, he only turns 19 on the day of the Blackburn confrontation, but it is honest to agree that the last year has been a waste of time from which the youngster couldn’t gain any significant experience.

“Playing games is the most important thing for my career right now and for that reason it’s better to look at other places.”

At this time, Chelsea considers that the best thing for Romelu Lukaku is to be loaned to another club and with the upcoming season things seem to go steadily in that direction, a bit too late if you ask me.

What do you think about The Blue’s intentions and where do you believe is the perfect place for a 18-year-old such as him, to perform, in order to become the star that we all expect him to be?

  1. Korab says

    I think he should go on loan for a season at any EPL team to prove his worth and then get back to Chelsea. If he could do well on another team give him a chance at Chelsea,he could be our next Drogba.

  2. ben says

    Lukaku has to stay in the premier league and play in teams like Everton, Fulham or newcastle!

    When could also be ok for him would be to go to Germany where Kompany also made part of his experience.

  3. Tohode doji says

    Lukaku should remain at chelsea and prove his shaet.

  4. T boy says

    Loan him to any english or spanish club

  5. lucky says

    Loaning Lukaku is not the option but he should be tested next season to see what he is capable of doing because i as a fans always believe in him right from the time he came to Chelsea so i think next season is going to be perfect start for him to showcase his talent if given the chance.

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