Should Chelsea replace Torres with Wayne Rooney?

The back page headlines in many a tabloid newspaper today will tell you in no uncertain terms that Wayne Rooney is going to follow Sir Alex Ferguson out the door at Man Utd. Reports suggest that Rooney has been unhappy with losing his place up front in the Utd team, and a request to be transfer listed 2 weeks ago was rejected by the club. With our own strikers continuing to contribute their miserly returns in front of goals, an out and out goalscorer is priority number one for most Chelsea fans. Could Wayne Rooney really be the answer?

If the rumours are true, it will be a remarkable turn of events. When Rooney first handed in a transfer request in Oct 2010, he cited the lack of desire shown by the club as his main reason for wishing to leave. With Utd capturing the signatures of Dortmund player of the year Shinji Kagawa and Arsenal captain Robin Van Persie during last summer’s transfer window, Rooney certainly can’t use a lack of desire to excuse his desire to leave. No, Rooney’s main issue in this instance is that he is no longer the leading man at Man Utd. Rooney plays second fiddle to Van Persie, and he’s visibly unhappy about it.

Whether Man Utd would sell a player of Rooney’s status to us is one thing, but the question of should we buy him is another issue entirely. Fernando Torres has played well in recent months, but his goal return is simply unacceptable. Similarly, Demba Ba was an absolute steal from Newcastle and excellent value for money. What he is not is the main striker in a team looking to challenge domestically and in Europe. Chelsea are crying out for proven goalscorer. We could do worse.

With Mata, Oscar and Hazard playing behind Rooney as the focal point of our attacks, it is not unreasonable to suggest that the goals would be far more free-flowing. Wayne Rooney is a 25 goal a season striker, given the right team. It might not be pretty, and it might not be what we want. There’s certainly every chance that this could never happen.

None of that means it doesn’t make sense…

  1. Icehole says

    Replacing Torres with Rooney is just going from bad to worse Rooney is overpriced and overarted.

  2. sam says

    he seems to be a carbon Torres case, remember he was unfit and often doesnt wanted to play ..though a deal between 20-25m would be worth a gamble and anything above would be a foolish attempt.


    Rooney is a born striker no doubt. He would bang goals for chelsea playing upfront MAZARCA. The problem is, should we get Lewandoski or Schurrle or both, wld he not stil play behind them??

  4. ioio says

    rooney is a midfielder, he always has been; i cannot see him as a striker; (same about c ronaldo, they simply are not strikers)

    now, chelsea has always bought players out of positions! – do not laugh, this is serious, even now they play 3 number 10’s at a time -, another example remember they have been looking for a right back for 3-4 years (essien & iva played there out of positions finally they got azpi)?

    what will they buy in the summer? i am worried!

    ** definitely i am NOT for rooney at chelsea, how can he be “motivated to play” is just one of the huge issues; next, chelsea & man utd were the biggest of rivals over last 8 – 10 years; not last, he is … a bit like torres! trying to stage a comeback to match his own former glory;

  5. Mark T says

    Rooney deal is a bad deal!

  6. lucky says

    Rooney is a good striker and having in our team is going to deadly next season but i am not seeing it happening now, it could be later

  7. anthony says

    Please can sum1 scream OVERATED! Ronney aint got sh*t

  8. Harrs says

    Torres is improving and contributing gr8 to the team…why changing the team totally diff every year,it will change the understanding b/w players.its a gud squad and let it carry on

  9. adela says

    i can’t begin to imagine rooney in!not in a million can he plays for chelsea when he was always the devils.if chelsea want to buy a striker,go ahead.get another striker but not rooney.whoever the striker will be next season,i don’t care.but torres has to stay.he contributes a lot to chelsea even tho he can’t score.i know it may not be good for his career as a striker if he stays at chelsea,but he wants to play for chelsea.he really meant what he said judging by the way he plays i want him to stay as long as he wants 🙂

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