Spanish Club Concedes Defeat, Admits They Could Leave Star Play To Chelsea

Roman Abramovich

Chelsea has a reputation for being a high-spending side, the club owner, Roman Abramovich has a net worth of 9 billion U.S.Dollars. The 48 year-old Russian bought Chelsea in 2012, and the story has changed for the Blues ever since. The Russian oligarch was notorious for often distorting the transfer market, as Chelsea could get anyone they wanted to. Even as financial fair play now curbs incessant and expensive spendings, Chelsea hasn’t stopped buying big, and they still have the power to get any player they wish to get. The oil never dries up.

Barcelona’s vice president, Javier Faus has however spoken up as regarding the unmatched spending power of clubs like Chelsea and PSG, as the Catalans fear for their own most prized players, most especially the forward trio of Messi, Neymar and Suarez.

“A player always compares himself to the Premier League or the Bundesliga on a net basis. We have to increase our salaries greatly to still be competitive. So yes, we lose players just for the money.”

Although he further said concerning the financial challenges faced in Camp Nou as regards the lethargic trio,

“It is challenging, but we will keep them. We have to adapt to the new market circumstances at the Paris Saint-Germain and Chelsea.”

Of recent, it was reported that Chelsea owner’s interest-free loan to Chelsea since he bought the club in 2003 has reached £1billion. So Barcelona has a lot to fear for. Chelsea have a way of pulling off “impossible” signings, and getting one of the MSN trio will be of great benefits to the club.  The three South Americans have 114 goals and 46 assists between them this season, and there are still at least 3 more matches across all competitions before the season rounds up. Chelsea no doubt has a great squad, having won two trophies in the ongoing season, but the inclusion of any of the MSN’s member in such a team will definitely take the attack statistics of Chelsea to the greatest heights.

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