Suarez to Chelsea? Pull the other one!

Reports today from Spain are linking Chelsea with a bid of £30 million plus for Luis Suarez, and the story seems to be gathering pace in England. The Uruguayan is desperate to leave Liverpool, while the media seem to have decided that we are desperate for a striker. 2 + 2 = 17. There is no doubt that Suarez is an accomplished forward, and he would score bucket-loads at Chelsea, but the idea that we are contemplating a bid for him is ridiculous. Let’s not forget, this is the same Suarez currently serving a ten match ban…for biting Ivanovic! It simply cannot be true.

Stranger things have happened in football, but despite what non-blues fans like to say, the Chelsea Football Club that I grew up following was a club that did things the right way. We acted professionally and with respect for the game and other teams. It would be a lie to say that we haven’t lost our way at times – our lack of patience with recent managers is not the Chelsea way, while we went through a phase of signing players for the wrong reason. Steve Sidwell? Scott Parker? We also let the players have too much control in the dressing room. Players should be leaders, but they should complement the manager, not undermine him. These issues, however, were fleeting in their appearance and are behind us now. We have a long term manager appointed who is signing players for the future so that we can establish ourselves as a stable, powerful force in Europe. We are doing things the right way. Luis Suarez simply doesn’t fit in to that equation.

Despite his undoubted abilities on the pitch, Suarez is a thoroughly unlikeable individual. Whatever we might think of Liverpool, they have an impeccable reputation on the pitch, and how they conduct themselves off it. In little over two years, Suarez has dragged Liverpool’s name through the mud again and again. They stood by him through everything, and then he blames the media for his reputation and says he wants out? How dare he. He was entrusted with the famous No 7 jersey and every day he wears it he disrespects the memory of the Liverpool legends that have worn it before him. Talented as he may be, Luis Suarez brings with him the mentality of a mercenary; the attitude of a cheat and the reputation of a scumbag. We have signed some questionable characters before, but none have been so downright repulsive.

I truly don’t think that we are in for Suarez, but if we are, I sincerely hope that it doesn’t go ahead. We’re Chelsea, and we’re better than this. Tell us, would you be happy to sign Luis Suarez?

  1. Jamie says

    Well if he does sign for chelsea your gonna
    Look like a real dumbass

  2. Adeniyi Adeyemi Emmanuel says

    I don’t see a crime in signing Suarez into d blue squad as he is a talented player. What he just need is to be tutored on his character and he will change for better.

  3. kazeem olalekan says

    i just realised really dt we dont need suarez.

  4. sam says

    Suarez carried L’pool alone and seeing the lack of ambition from the club is disrespecting his ability. He got frustrated and puked it on the pitch…normal human character. Chelsea go n get em. Would be an amazing signing.

  5. Tim says

    This is rubbish rumor.. Let’s imagine its true, is Jose out of his mind?!… This guy is a natural deviant… Stubborn to the bone.. Not to mention hw much he’s cost liverpool… With fines & bans.. Is this †ђξ kind of issue we want @ chelsea… Jose is heady so is Suarez… It’ll be tug of war between the 2 all season…. 1s bitten 2s shy… Let’s be warned…

  6. steve says

    yes of course he is a good player that like scoring goals,skillful,heading,dribling

  7. YAH LATEEF says


  8. Smart D says

    We reli nid hm…he wil definetly chanj 4 gud…is d typ of playa we nid in front right nw

  9. joseph Oguche says

    Suarez to me as a football lover will be a very good buy and will help chelsea go extra miles. The fact that players like Cantona are even called ‘god’ is enough to accept d little tht suarez did. Sign him pls and we will win everything winable,say 4 or 5 out of 7 that is available for graps.

  10. lawrance says

    pls go and gets him is a good great shriker forgets if he misbehaves or not bible says forgive so that u too can be forgive also i love swarez and i believe with the combination turess chelsea will be morthern expetation please gets him for us up blues for life

  11. Austino says

    Wat he did is being blown out of proportn.D young man wz only frustrated cos he wantd d club he loves 2 win.It cn hapn 2 anybody in our respective places of wrk.Dats a show of luv 4 his club.Chelsea shld buy him n wrk on his temperament.


    whether he bit ivanovic or not he’s still one of the deadliest strikers in the world,pls sign him before it’s too late oo cfc,one luv!

  13. Boyi solomon says

    I cant believe we wil down grade ourselve to dat extent, we dnt need player like Luis Suarez, he dnt behave like reasonable individuall

  14. Golden Osuji says

    He is d kind of striker dt Oscar,Mata n Hazard need.he w b in d same freequency wt lets go n get him,w can wrk on his temprament.if Roney can mature 2 b a man dt he is 2day,y nt Suarez.

  15. Jarryd says

    As an Arsenal fan I’m going to be honest.

    At this stage in time, Chelsea have far better first 11 team “quality wise” than any other in the EPL.
    All you have needed is a manager with a ruthless winning mentality to make sure the players you have earn there wages, week in, week out.

    As you have already noticed, some of your high performing players from last season, weren’t mentioned by him in an interview for a starting place (this is all speculation from the papers so don’t hold me to it completely) EG. Mata (so devo we missed our chance to sign him).

    Mourinho is already making sure there is 0 complacency, so expect a successful season from the eyes of a realistic Arsenal fan. As for the season and transfer window, it’s going to be very interesting.

    ON TOPIC: Don’t buy Suarez, he will miss the start of the season, and his wages and transfer fee just seem too big to warrant a move. He is damaged goods. Good luck to you blues fans next season, lets keep the rivalry alive, and lets take this opportunity to slap the smiles off those Mancs facing.

    Best regards!

  16. Gido says

    We have no choice. He is a great player who will help chelsea claim titles. Lets forget his behaviour cos it will be dealt with if only he comes. But aside that he’s very good on the pitch.

  17. Aniefiok Ben says

    pls chelsea should sign suares bcos he is a good striker

  18. Temi says

    Suarez is a good player but really has a big problem with his characters. However, nothing is impossible to achieve. He can be helped to change his attitudes. Doubtless, he is a good player, my take? Get him rather than Hulk.

  19. Mohamad says

    well It’s very complicated .. but I am in for Suarez he is a world class player and I’ll never forget his goal against Newcastle last year for as long as I lived. I belive that he would only & personally pay for the his negative reputation (i.e losing out on awards or the love of British media) but in additions to his skills, ability, sharpness etc I believe he is quite a consistant player (even consistant with being a scumbag!) exactly what Chelsea need nowadays and exactly the sort of player Mourinho likes to be surrounded with. Attitude & reputation+40 goals or a Saint+10 goals what do you choose? oh and by the way I think the team can afford to have two skillfull and excellent scumbags considering that Ashley Cole will be playing next season.
    My final point is: no one is perfect and don’t be like R.Madrid looking for the perfect player at any crazy price with no single attemp for development. Luiz has his own weakness like all football players and the Club will be challeneged to fix it.

  20. lajuwomi ise says

    I think chelsea may buy suarez, if only they can subdue him under the authority and control of chelsea’s management, and if eventually,the player arrived at stamford bridge. Chelsea need to give him a strict disciplinary action on a regular basis. Thanks and God bless!

  21. Edema clifford says

    Suarez is a great player an attitude so is Jose M, Roman Abramo, Eric cantona, Joey Barton, Salvage among others. Let take his flesh and leave his shaft.

  22. Edema clifford says

    Suarez is a great player with an attitude so is Jose M, Roman Abramo, Eric cantona, Joey Barton, Salvage among others. Let take his flesh and leave his shaft.

  23. Olatemi says

    I like suarez wt is style of playing. I wish we sign him but my fear is that, Luis suarez may misbehave on the pitch and get ban when chelsea needs him most.

  24. mike says

    luis suarez is a good striker 2 be in chelsea nd i knw with mourinho he will nt misbehave

  25. SIR MATT says

    if there is no past, no present. no present no feature, lets 4get about past lets think about how next season is going to be alright suarez is the right man to save us pls sighn him. up chelsea, 4 life.

  26. Mike Ogiasa says

    Too much talk about Suarez! This boy is needed by every club in the rank of Chelsea. Real, Bayarn, Man City, Arsenal,etc, name it.Who cares about character? He plays very well for Uruguay and Liverpool so why not Chelsea. We still loved Terry even with what he did so let us forget character and bring him to Chelsea. He needs Champions league football and the quality midfield of Chelsea will be good for him. The boy is good.

  27. ntime joseph says


  28. raheem says

    Suares my foot

  29. nduagu says

    Suarez is good player but his attitude is bad. If Jose should advise him over his behavior, let buy him. But i am afraid over his attitude .

  30. andreas dam cold says

    Chelsea signing the closes thing chelsea has to an arch villain!? this cannot be true get hulk, gomez, lew or cavani but please please please don’t sign suarez! we just had a horror of an year enduring the stay of one of the most anti-chelsea managers in years and now the rumour that the cannibal is on his way? he’s mentally unstable, a diver and a racist… Suarez in a chelsea shirt, hope it never happens. he’ll fit in at real, please let them have him. please god!

  31. ola isiaq says

    for me noting bad for chelsea to sinig suarez

  32. Bodman says

    Suarez can miss half the season for all I care!!What is a 10 match ban compared to what he brings to the team. And let’s not forget, he’s served some of his match ban already.
    I would suggest we go all out for him and bring him to the bridge at whatever cost. Yes he’s a radical, we may even call him a cannibal, but his thirst for success is one attribute every striker should possess. His purchase will bring an end to our striking woes, he would be an immediate success, and he would impact the team immensely.
    Come on blues!! Come on Jose!! Come on Abramovich!! We chelsea fans would gladly welcome Suarez and accept him as one of us.

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