Torres looking forward to arrival of Falcao at Chelsea

The long- maligned Chelsea striker Fernando Torres has come in for a lot of stick in his few years at the club but now he feels that he has finally regained his old form (although a lot of us may disagree with that!) and he is ready to help Chelsea to win further trophies in the coming seasons.

Chelsea have already acquired competition for Torres with the arrival of Demba Ba, and it now seems likely that the prolific Radamel Falcao is also going to join the Blues strike force next season. Torres is not worried about that and in fact is looking forward to the competition for places.

He said: “When you play for Chelsea you’re always hoping big players come. Since I came to Chelsea only top players have come so it would not be a surprise. You cannot stop that. Every player is welcome at Chelsea. Every top player.”

“I’m still young,” he continued. “We’ve won the Champions League and could win the Europa League this season, but we can win much more. The squad and the players we have are young and we can do great things. I would like to be involved in this team for the next few years. We can become one of the best teams, not just in England, but in Europe.

“When you see Manchester United’s players celebrating you can see how important the Premier League trophy is and I want to bring it to Chelsea. We have to believe in ourselves and believe we can win it next season.”

“Much of the ability we have here depends on the talents of individuals – Juan Mata, Eden Hazard, Oscar and some other players. We have to learn to become a team, which is different. It’s difficult in this team because we really depend too much on individuality.

“Normally when you’re building a team it takes time, and it is coming together. We’re playing more as a team, especially in Europe and in some Premier League games as well. We need to stay together and keep improving. The key is to adapt to a new system, new players, a new style of football.

“In my case, it has maybe taken more time than it should but after a couple of seasons here I can see how different the team are compared to when I arrived. My mind is more open than before and I can see what I have to do to improve. This season has been better but not at the level I want to be. Hopefully next season is going to be much better.”

There have been many rumours linking Torres with a move away after the arrival of Falcao, but he doesn’t see that happening and has received no indication from Chelsea that will be surplus to requirements. He said: “I have always felt part of the club,” Torres said. “Things change. I really think the club always told me the truth. They have hopes of me. They trust in me. I know I want to stay here. I want to be at Chelsea at least the next two years. If they change their minds it’s a different question but the relationship between me and the club is always very straight.”

I think that Torres will stay, but with Falcao and Ba in the squad I can’t see him being more than a supersub for next season and as a reasonable cover in case either of the other two get injured. Every top team needs at least three top strikers to challenge for all the trophies which seems to be Abramovich’s dream season.

If Torres is happy to play that role, who are we to complain?

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  1. Ade Sam says

    If he can accept been used as a supersub then, he can stay. But anything shrt of that will nt be accepted by cfc so that he will nt cause trble to the team next season. Chelsea til etanity.

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