Villas-Boas – I want to win every single week

The new Chelsea boss Andre Villas-Boas if fully aware of what he has taken on and understands that if he fails to win trophies he will be sacked. And he fully intends to hit the ground running and start winning from his first game in charge.

“The contract is a three-year contract, and the expectations of the club are to the maximum,” he said. “We have a compromise with a certain amount of trophies. That’s the challenge we face day to day, everybody wants to thrive to be the best and to win something.

‘I am just one gear in this big club that wants to be successful every year. Those are the challenges for me, to win as soon as possible and to build a solid platform for the future. This is nothing different from any other top club, the challenges you face in your day to day life are to be successful in what you do and that’s the challenge that I face in Chelsea.

‘The managers that sat in this chair for the last seven years have been challenged for the trophies. There is nothing the owner didn’t tell me, just to challenge in every way for every trophy and this is the kind of expectation at a top club like this one, or Man United or Arsenal. The other top clubs in England, they face this challenge for trophies and we want to get a big share.

‘Our compromise is the same as any top club, to win straight away on a weekly basis and that’s the challenge I face, there is no running away from that and I’d be surprised to be kept on the job if I don’t win. It’s as straightforward as that.

‘I want to be here to be a winner, not to be unsuccessful. That’s the challenge I promote to myself and promote to my technical staff and I think most of them took this challenge to be successful, not to be here just passing time because the city is good.

If I cannot challenge myself to be successful I fail and I don’t want to fail, I want to win so it is pretty straightforward for a club of this dimension and for the quality you have around. Who expects a Chelsea manager to stay if he wins nothing? It’s just like that.”

He can certainly talk the talk, but can he walk the walk?

  1. fsammy says


  2. J J Iwuoha says

    Win my dear every week,if u can. I wish u well.

  3. Chelsea FAN says

    if he win every week we will be champions!!!

  4. wisdom chuks says

    i like this man he sounds bold and though, but all i want to tell him is this do not repeat the same mistake trophyless season like calos, buy the best players, use your best formation, what ever that happens to your assistant do not let it affect u bro beceause the league is though so be tactical and strong what u did in porto do times two here am always your fans and will be chelsea for live.

  5. Norrest says

    better be cause I also want us to win everything and every match

  6. seyibravo says

    AVG will win trophies 4 chelsea,he is hardworking & determine to b succussful. He w make history by being the first coach to bring d champions league trophy to our cabinet.4 him to b sucessful he has selld likes of drogba,anelka,malouda,fererra,bosingwa & bring in new players 4 him to win tropies.

  7. Martins says

    This fella surely knows what’s at stake in CFC, i hope he surely brings us success. But with the current squard, he’ll have a hugh task on his hand. I recommend,he evaluates the squard when they meet and thereafter make necessary signings. Goodluck to you AVB!

  8. Patrick says

    To win everyweek is good but not easy because everyone prepared for battle everyone do their home work hardely so it not easy as you talk anyway people believe you becos you win trophe

  9. Joey jo jo says

    He must aim for the Carling cup this year by fielding a strong team in each round.If this is achieved,i believe the other trophies will become a real possibility.

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