Villas-Boas promises Chelsea players "new way of being"

Chelsea’s new manager has said that he will be approachable to all squad-members as he prepares to lead the team through pre-season training. Villas-Boas, 33, will be close in age to many of the senior players at Stamford Bridge and it seems he will use this to his advantage and strike up close working relationships with the players.

Speaking to the Metro he said: “We are very open-minded, we are open to them, to their problems and not only the problems they face on the pitch but problems they face in their day-to-day life. We are not just managers of the game, we are people who understand the person as a whole. This is something we feel can have a good impact”.

Speaking about the job he’s been entrusted by Roman Abramovich he said: “Carlo has left for this club some important things and we want to continue building from where he left. This is a new leadership, a new communication, a new way of being. Hopefully we can start the season with a tremendous impact and this new empathy”.

Former Chelsea boss Avram Grant worked with Villas-Boas when he was part of the back-room staff at Stamford Bridge. He said: “He is a very nice guy, he’s intelligent, a nice person. Does he have the experience? No. But the authority? Time will say. I think yes”.

Villas-Boas will be the youngest manager in the Premier League and will be under huge pressure from Roman Abramovich to bring Chelsea back to trophy-winning form.

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  1. Pritam says

    I’m sure we’ll we walking out with European Glory sooner than later 😀 ..ktbffh!

  2. Bala says

    Looks like he is getting the team into right shape he needed.

  3. Wizzyblack says

    Lets not deceive ourselves,let this man do away with the aged Chelsea players for a total overhauling of the team. If he works with them and later fail,will we blame the ageing squared or the coach? The first thing Pep did in Barcelonalfc was to offload the ageing payers of his team and bringing in new and fresh players,we all saw what he has achieve by taking this step. Chelsea case shouldn’t be an exception. Well,he knows what he’ll do!

  4. nzenwa2 says

    we blues hv 2 pray 4 him.he is gud bt needs some bit of luck 2 deliver.

  5. Sesugh says

    Buzzzz…andre will be good coach.he is already proven that wit porto.but pls he shouldnt settle wit the old egotistical players chelsea have.he free bruno and raul at porto when he took over,guardiola did same wit ronaldinho & deco.if we ant to win trophies,we dont need the old guys at chelsea.drogba,anelka,malouda,feriera.they’ve got nothin to offer chelsea.lampard should be given bit roles or should along a creative mid man.

  6. smogzaz says

    wat he need/d new coach/is d players coporation and fans sopot

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