Villas-Boas v Mourinho – Who do Chelsea fans prefer?

“AVB – Mourinho – AVB – Mourinho – AVB – Mourinho.” “SWEET MOTHER OF GOD, SOMEONE PLEASE END THIS.”

Confusion confusion, that’s all what’s going on in my head since past months. Since the day Jose Mourinho said he was unhappy at Real Madrid and would ponder a move back to Stamford Bridge. I try too hard to support AVB through the hardships he is going through and then a single statement from Mourinho killed my spirit.

In many ways AVB is somehow the new Mourinho. Maybe not the polished version but surely has similar personalities. Both have a very unique way of dealing with the press, not shy on having their views opened out. The only problem lies whether AVB can fit in at Chelsea like Jose did. Already cracks are being displayed at the dressing room regarding the thin ice relation with the seniors. But he still proves potential with his ‘long term’ plan which he quoted. And if Roman has the patience for that, it works well and fine. But Roman is not a person who is particularly known for his patience. It is really a wonder on how he is still having AVB at the club after the streak of poor results. Still, I feel Roman has something planned for the mighty blues, hope it’s for the good.

But then, the fans has made no secret of their love for the ‘Special One’ neither has he made any secrets of how much he loves the club. (Here is the proof!)

But it would be unfair on our side to pull in emotions and so cost AVB’s job. And we can debate all our lives through on something like who could do a better job, but in the end it is the players who play on the pitch, and Roman should consider sticking to a manager who is more close to the players. ( I’m not saying Jose, since there has been too much time since he left and there are many new players in the squad who might be favouring Andre.)

Would Chelsea fans prefer to keeo Villas-Boas or bring back Mourinho?

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  1. Sam Weller says

    Of Course, Jose!!! We want him!!!

  2. john says

    I want Mourinhoback in the club not avb

  3. Alan Frank says

    You obviously don’t go to Stamford Bridge or talk to real Chelsea fans if you have to ask this ridiculous question. AVB had found his level as Jose’s ‘lacky’ don’t try and put him in the same bracket as the Special One ffs!

  4. Wale faniyi says

    we need jose to come back to chelsea.

  5. Alabi Temitope Charles says

    To Jose is not the solution i so much believe in AVB cos he is a good Bose that all chelsea need at the moment he has the tactics i believe all he need is time to prove himself and have a better term that can give us a good football and not and not poll to poll like Jose .

  6. dj danbukky says

    avb is good but mourinho is special

  7. Chelsea156 says

    Dont be stupid all mourinho did was spend 250 million om 25 players no wonder we won everything anyone could do that look at city AVB needs time and will come of age.

  8. Yogesh says

    AVB is trying to change the image of the club which is what a fan wants.. with mourinho coming back expect the chelsea to be boring to watch & another 10-15 years when one of our youngster makes it to the senior squad.. We should give AVB two more seasons so that he could finish what he has started.. i vote for AVB

  9. Johnson a.k.a no tym says

    Good question! As for me, i need the special one back in standford bridge. Up jose.

  10. Nino brown says

    We need our speacial back not avb

  11. uzouero says

    i like mourinho to come back to chalsea, villas boas did not know the frist team of the club

  12. Stephen says

    Andre Vilas Boas has finished his six month I.T programme at chelsea as a coach so now we wand the special one to pick up the squad he left since 2007 to continue with it and i advice chelsea owner to comply with all morinhno condition state for him and live special alone to do hiw job.

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