Watch Chelsea live on your HD TV – For nothing!

I am a lifelong Chelsea fan that also loves to travel, so although I may have lived in many different countries in Europe and further afield, I have always managed to utilise the various different live streaming progams available to watch all the Chelsea games on my laptop. I must have used every single one at some point or another, like SOPcast, PP Mate, TVAnts, PPLive, etc, although the speed of PCs and connections have improved so dramatically I can usually find a web page showing every single game.

Admittedly five years ago the quality wasn't the best, but the pure joy of watching my beloved Chelsea playing live on my laptop, in a beach-hut on an idyllic Thai island is something that i will never forget. Nowadays my partner and I are living on the South Coast of Spain and have very fast broadband, so speed and quality will never be a problem again (I hope!)


But life has just got even better. I have found a wonderful little piece of kit that lets me connect my laptop to my super-duper, hi-quality, wide-screen HD TV, so I don't have to sit hunched over my laptop any more, and even better, I can carry on working at the same time!

This little box is made by a company called Veebeam and it is a small (but very jazzy!) little box that you connect to the TV, then put a little Wireless USB connector on the PC, and Voila, everything is beamed onto your TV. It's brilliant! But it's not just for the football, because I live abroad we often use live-streaming to watch UK films and TV shows on the PC as well on the PC, but now we can just press a button and transfer them to the TV. So my partner loves it as well! And we will never have to worry about getting expensive dishes installed wherever we move to next just so we can watch English TV…..

There is another big advantage too. Buy it now from Amazon and you can get it delivered straight to your door, wherever you live in the world (and it is free delivery if you live in the UK.)

So whether you are an old hand like me, or someone that has never used a live stream before but wants to see the advantages, then look at this page on how to live  Stream on your TV.  You certainly won't regret it!

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