What are Chelsea to do with Ryan Bertrand?

When we speak of the up and coming youth players at Chelsea who will become first team players, Ryan Bertrand is always at the top of the list. When speaking of his attributes, the word youth is never far away, and yet you might be surprised to know he will be 24 by the time next season starts. To put that in context; Oscar is 21, Mata 25, Hazard 22, Azpilicueta will be 24 while new signings Schurrle and van Ginkel will be 20 and 22 respectively. Bertrand is past the point of being a young, promising talent – this is when he should be cementing his place in the team. So far, he has been unable to do so.

Why is this? Bertrand has had several loan spells, and he has returned from every single one with a glowing report card and tremendous additional experience. He has featured over 160 times for other clubs while employed by Chelsea, and yet only managed 53 appearances for us in the last three seasons. 38 of these were last seasons, but many were as a substitute. Furthermore, Bertrand has never been trusted to nail down one position in this Chelsea team. Recently he has been deployed as an attacking left winger – it’s a position he can do a job in but ask any of Norwich, Reading or Nottingham Forest where he should be playing and all three will confirm he was incredible for them at left back.

The problem, then, is Ashley Cole. Cole is 32, but he recently signed a further 1 year deal at the club, and he has shown little sign of slowing down as he enters his 30’s. However, if you take Cole out of the picture, does anyone think that Bertrand would be entrusted as first choice over the course of a season? I certainly don’t. Whether Ryan could eventually become a first choice left back for us is irrelevant – he simply hasn’t been given the chance. When we need to replace Cole, we will buy a replacement. At 24, Bertrand has simply gone too far, and he hasn’t been given his chance. He could well stay at Chelsea as a utility player – every club needs those – but Ryan is better than that. Given the chance, he could become a first choice left back at a Premier League club. Just because I don’t think that will happen at Chelsea doesn’t mean it can’t happen elsewhere.

Tell us, what would you do with Ryan Bertrand?

  1. YAH LATEEF says

    bertrand try well well he play in championsleague premierleague,fa cup,play all d competision,leave him and buy backup for him when ashley cole time is up.chelsea for life.

  2. Ola says

    I love chelsea for giving people ‘who just want to write’, cheap publicity. How many times did fergie bench evra, barca never benches alves, nor baryern lahm, thiago may leave because of xavi, madrid have not produced another gk in the last decade. But you always complain about chelsea, well thats why we are chelsea. Dont be lazy, write SOMETHING!.

  3. fr francis says

    I’m surprised you would still blame chelsea for Ryan! How many times in the over 50 games he’s played for chelsea has he showed that he deserves to play ahead of cole?

  4. topso201 says

    Ryan nid tym as chelsea home grow player bcos i knw he has it own quality let Ryan grow up undastnd d umbrella of Cole 4 d season 2 cum nd release Cole den giv Ryan a chance 2 proof himself but 4 backup van annot is dere on loan call him back 2 proof his yrs on loan at chelsea. D happy one special one, Mr Jose pls hlp dis youth 2 develop on dere game

  5. Jose Williams says

    I use to like your articles, but this is lame

  6. peters says

    well i think mr jose should give him more chance,i know he will be a good and great player in the future..i love the blues.

  7. Joseph says

    I hope jose shuld giv him chance to prof himself next season, becus is a talented young player, he deserv it at chelsea. Up blue 4 life.

  8. Amos jordan chelsea kamanda says

    As for me i think that Ryan Bertrand, is the best choice for Chelsea team for now, he is a talented player, and he knows hes role well in the team line up, he has rescue Chelsea team in many competitions and finals, and won medals, so i think we should give him a big chance, he is a good player. and talking too about Ashley Cole, he too has his own talent and tactics but i may say age is telling on him how, and he is at the door of retiring, few years from now he is off the team,so you see Ryan-Bertrand is younger than Ashely-Cole with more energy and talented with more skills, so you see Ryan-Bertrand should be given a chance in Josey-mourning
    first team line up for Chelsea next season.

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