Who wants Redknapp to manage Chelsea? – Not Gareth Bale!

There was a flood of money at William Hill’s yesterday betting on Harry Redknapp to take over as Chelsea manager this summer, and there is a very good chance he could move across London to Spurs great rivals.

But I doubt that many Tottenham fans will be happy to see him leave after taking them to the Champions League Quarter-Finals this season, and as for the players, Gareth Bale is adamant that he doesn’t want his boss to leave.

Bale said: “I want him to stay, definitely,”

“Since I’ve been at the club we have had three managers and it’s obviously nice to have him there because he has brought a bit of stability.

“We have got used to him and how he manages and how he wants us to play so it will be great to keep him.

“Nobody wants him to go and the club, I’m sure, will do everything they can to keep him.”

So what do Chelsea fans think of having ‘Arry taking over?

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