Why Chelsea Should Buy Marco Reus In The Summer


With Oscar being inconsistent and Diego Costa having a soft hamstring, Chelsea would do well to add some depth to their squad. In the last one year, Chelsea have been linked heavily with the signing of German International, Marco Reus of Borussia Dortmund.

The German who despite his injury record is wanted by some of the biggest clubs in Europe, including Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Atletico Madrid, is seen as a world class star capable of changing games on his own. In my opinion, Chelsea should do all it takes to sign the German. He is simply one player the Blues can do with right now. Although he had a big injury which ruled him out of the last World Cup in Brazil, I do not think this is enough reason to tag him injury prone.

What makes Reus a special is totally different from what sets other playmakers/attackers apart. It is quite simple, Chelsea do not have a single player in their current team who is versatile enough to play the same roles as Reus or have the same ability as the German. Although there are many quality midfielders in the league ( such as Hazard, Ozil, Countinho, Silva ), Marco Reus is a player in his own class.

What’s so special about Marco Reus?

That would be his shooting technique as well as the pace of his dribbling. To Marco Reus, the opposition defenders are merely small obstacles on his way to finding the quickest possible way forward for his team. However, these alone does not define Reus. He has also special qualities. He scores a lot of goals for a player who mostly plays for Dortmund in the “Fabregas’ role” and just like Fabregas, he assists a lot of goals. He is strong and helpful when his team are been attacked, the pace at which he picks his passes puts the opposition’s defense under pressure at all time.

But won’t he be a luxury buy considering Chelsea have Fabregas who is similar player?

In my opinion, Reus is a player that Chelsea can do with right now. He is definitely not a luxury. He will considerably improve Jose Mourinho’s current Chelsea side and he is versatile enough to stand in for Diego Costa when his usual hamstring problem surfaces. Although Fabregas can play the roles he can play, but Reus edges it in the attack and let’s face it, Fabregas can’t play well on the wing – ask any Barca fan. At 24 years of age, Reus is entering the prime of his career. He is settled at a strong club and is now experienced and fully physically mature.

If Chelsea acts swifty, they may just manage to avoid a bidding war. Considering the insistent ( or so it seems ) of Roman Abramovich to obey the FFP laws, Chelsea cannot afford to be extravagant in the transfer market, hence the key is quickly identifying their targets and making moves as fast as possible.

Although Marco Reus only just signed a new contract with Dortmund, this does not mean his future at Borussia Dortmund is certain. It is not uncommon to see players signing a new contract with their club in one season and leaving in the next season.

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