Why Chelsea should NOT be after Ruddy from Norwich

The Guardian are reporting that Chelsea are ready to make a second offer for Norwich keeper John Ruddy after The Canaries turned down our initial bid worth a total of £5 million pounds. Ruddy, 26, is being sought as no. 2 to Petr Cech after the departures of Ross Turnbull and Hilario at the end of the season. We here at justchelsea previously discussed the goalkeeping situation, questioning whether Jamal Blackman could be trusted to be Cech’s deputy while Courtois spends another year on loan in Spain. It would appear that is not the case, and Ruddy is seen as the perfect bench-warmer. Ruddy is a fine keeper…and I don’t want him.

I am a Chelsea fan first and foremost, but I’m also a football fan in general, and there are elements of today’s game that I simply cannot come to terms with. Players being only partially owned by the clubs they play for and agents instigating transfers to bag a big fee is the reality of today’s game, and it’s not pretty. The signing of John Ruddy would be equally distasteful. Ruddy has international hopes and dreams, and he can never realise them when he’s sitting on our bench week in week out. £5 million may not be a lot of money these days, but spending it on someone we hope will never play is just silly.

One of the reasons we are going for Ruddy is because he’s English. We need a certain number of homegrown players for Europe and Ruddy fits the bill. Now is a great time to be a cheap English keeper. The move makes sense, but not for Ruddy. I would much rather we sign a young keeper that might develop in to something special. Not only that, but I would love for Ruddy to turn us down. It means we have to keep looking, but it also means that there are still dedicated players out there who aren’t solely motivated by money. Ruddy would do a splendid job for us if called upon, but I’d much rather see him playing regularly at a club he loves.

Tell us, would you sign John Ruddy for £5 million pounds?

  1. Gido says

    It will be adviceable to talk to Ross Turnbull and Hilario to come back for a year. While we send Blackman on loan atleast for a year. Within the next year i hope he’ld be somehow reliable.

  2. MJD says

    Your opinion is all well and good but what if Cech picks up an injury (or God forbid a serious/season-ending injury). Then the 5-7 million spent on a very decent 2nd keeper will look like the smartest move all season!
    Neither Turnbull or Hilario are good enough to be 1st (or in my opinion 2nd) choice, and our youth keepers aren’t ready to take that step up – so this is the option we are left with. It’s as simple as that!

  3. Yemi says

    It will be unfair to both blackman and Ruddy if we sign Ruddy and keep him on the bench when we already have a promising goalkeeper who is ready to sit on the bench and understudy the experienced Peter Cech. The deal shoudn’t be chelsea’s priority at this time.

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