Why Didier Drogba Could Be Very Important To Chelsea's Title Aspiration

Didier Drogba has had an illustrious career thus far, winning almost every trophy that club football has to offer. However at age 36, his return to the Bridge was viewed by fans with uncertainty as many did not see what the big Ivorian had to offer a club competing for honours at the highest level.

With the procurement of seasoned goal scorers like Diego Costa and Loic Remy, the advantage Didier now offers is intangible. Which lead many to believe that his return was engineered by Jose, for off field reasons.

As an individual, the former Galatasaray man is a force in the dressing room, as because of his very decorated career and off the field achievements, fellow professionals are more likely to respect him.

His winning mentality and accommodating personality means that he’s a player who is likely to transition into a managerial post very easily. It is not inconceivable that Chelsea see Didier as a coaching prospect that has a lot to learn from Jose Mourinho. His popularity for generally being a good and considerate person is the type of profile Chelsea may want as their manager one day.

Off the pitch, the Ivorian has been credited with accomplishments such as his role in bringing peace to Ivory Coast, being appointed a Goodwill ambassador and the creation of the Didier Drogba foundation that helped build hospitals in his home country.

Didier’s taste for success and his determination to work towards achieving it, as well as his self sacrifice ensures that if he ever became a coach, he would be a character his players would listen to and give their trust.

The role he played by making a plea to the combatants and subsequently helping to move a nations cup qualifier to Rebel stronghold of Bouake that helped confirm the peace process. Coupled with his joining and association with the Truth, Reconciliation and Dialogue committee as a representative, saw him recognized by the Times as one of the world’s 100 most influential people.

It is obvious that a man, who could be regarded as influential on a world wide scale, wouldn’t find it hard to motivate his team and coaching staff, were he ever to manage in football.

The star striker’s contract is only for one year and it doesn’t seem likely that Chelsea might renew it. What does seem likely is that after apprenticing under Jose for a full year, the 36 year old might be offered a coaching position at the club. With Chelsea’s striker woes over the past years, maybe an ex player known for being one of the best in the world, could be appointed as a ‘striker coach’

The sad truth is that if the Schalke game teaches us anything, it’s that Didier is likely to have his time on the pitch limited further, after such a dreadful performance.

A Chelsea legend nonetheless, the Blues might still find some use for a player that gave them the greatest night in their history.

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