Will UEFA punish Chelsea for spending £70million?

The Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich spent over £76m of his own money yesterday when he bought Fernando Torres and David Luiz, but he didn’t recoup a penny by selling any of his squad. This simply means that the £76m will be added to any loss the club makes this season and is certain to be looked at unfavourably by the Uefa president, Michel Platini.

New rules are to come into force that will demand that all European clubs will only be allowed to spend what they earn, and the starting point will be losses of 45m euros spread over three years. Chelsea have already registered losses of £70.9m last season and £47.4m the season before.

Man City are another club that is certain to be in breach of the rules after their massive spending in the last two seasons, and Platini warned everyone just a few weeks ago. “It will be time for them to face the music if there is a club that doesn’t fall in line,” he said.

What will he have to say after yesterday’s actions by Abramovich?

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