Zico Questions Mourinho’s Handling Of Oscar For Chelsea

Former World Cup legend and Brazilian star Zico has recently come out saying that Mourinho could have handled Oscar better then he has done this season. He told The Guardian: “I was a bit surprised that Jose Mourinho did not use Oscar more often this season, especially when he has a player like Eden Hazard in his squad”

Zico further goes on to state Oscar’s potential to be Brazil’s game-changer. Scoring 8 in 28 games for Brazil’s senior side whilst scoring the same amount for Chelsea in 33 games, 6 of those coming before mid-January whilst the other two came in the 6-0 demolition job of Arsenal clearly shows an obvious difference in the club and international Oscar.

Despite Zico’s concerns I believe that his opinion is clearly ill-informed. Out of the many players Mourinho has taken under his wing whilst alienating others, it was clear for everybody to see that Oscar was clearly meant to be Jose Mourinho’s next Frank Lampard. All anyone has to look at is Jose Mourinho’s treatment of Juan Mata, the once Chelsea legend who was sold in the space of 4 short months under Jose Mourinho. Mata was Chelsea’s talisman, fan favourite, but despite all of this Mourinho put all his faith in the young, unproven Oscar.

If anything Oscar has failed Mourinho’s faith in him. Oftentimes towards the latter end of the season, Oscar could be found looking very half-hearted, almost uncaring of his responsibility as a Chelsea player. There clearly seems to be a problem in terms of passion as this is the key element he holds when playing for Brazil that he does not when playing for the Blues.

The Brazil World Cup 2014 is a key period for the attacking midfielder. He can go on as other greats have done to prove himself on the biggest of all stages, which could kick-start his career into legendary folklore, or he could remain a good player who had the potential as many others did, but did not live up to it.

Written by James Barry

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