Ancelotti – Chelsea have to watch out for Aguero (and Forlan!)

The Chelsea manager Carlo Ancelotti thinks that his team have to pay attention for the whole 90 minutes, or risk losing a game in “six seconds” at a set-play, like they did against Aston Villa, twice! He says that it is hard to figure these moves into a training plan.

“We have worked on this particular situation” he said. “It is difficult to train for set-plays, it’s like the difficulty in training for a penalty, because the situation changes. It’s different, but we work and we have to improve. You can play a good match, like against Aston Villa, but if you don’t pay attention for six seconds at a set-play you can get a bad result.”

“We played well and on Tuesday we have to continue to do that and win. We want first place in the group and have a great opportunity of achieving it. We can play better in the Champions League but at the moment it is important to win, because we want to play our best in March and April when the matches are very important.

Ancelotti then acknowledged that their opponents, Atletico Madrid , has not started the season well, but they still had the quality to be dangerous.

“Atlético haven’t done well this season but they have excellent quality. Agüero and Forlán are dangerous forwards – we have to pay attention because Agüero has fantastic quality and can settle a match.”

I think that Chelsea had better watch out for the other nine opponents on the pitch too!

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