Ancelotti "feels something special" at Chelsea

New Chelsea boss Carlo Ancelotti has finished his first month in the job and is feeling good about himself and the team. He has certainly given the players confidence, and has impressed everyone with the way he handles the press.

He remains unbeaten, but only thanks to a late own-goal that gave us the draw at Reading last week, but todays game will provide a much sterner test.

But Carlo has given his thoughts on the club before this game, and expects a good showing from the team.

“I hope that on Sunday people can see a good team that plays well. My objective is that Chelsea play very good football. We work very hard for this and on Sunday we can play a team that will play very well.
‘The team started the pre-season very well, with organisation, good mental attitude and a good quality from the players.

“So I am very happy. One month ago I started this adventure and after one month I can say that I stay very well here because I have a good feeling, I feel something special.”

He also spoke about Chelsea’s chances of winning the Premiership. He said: “There is not a favourite team to win the League but it will be very interesting because there are a lot of teams that could win, that are all at the same level as Chelsea, Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool.

“We also have to see Manchester City, they bought very good players and maybe Manchester City can become a very good team.”

We all hope that we can see the fruits of his labours today. Let’s see what “very good football” looks like!

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